Back-to-School Supplies: The Coolest Trends Kids Will Love

Let’s be real, the best part of creating your kids’ school supplies list is getting to shop for the items. And is there anything better than stocking up on fresh pencil cases, backpacks and notebooks?

Whether your kids are into dinosaurs, butterflies or all things that glitter, we’ve replenished our shelves with the coolest supplies that they’ll be obsessed with year-round.

In preparation of the kids going back to school; Emily Staunton, the designer behind accessories brand Pep Rally, reveals the biggest trends that will rule the school this September. So, listen up because class is officially in session.

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Trend #1: Be cool, be bright

This trend is all about a bright, bold and happy colour palette. Think motifs inspired by nature and cottage scenery: butterflies, flowers and wild mushrooms (some that even have adorable smiley faces on them). And because positivity is the name of the game, this trend sees uplifting messages throughout, so your kid can add small doses of happiness to their day.

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Trend #2: Wild and free

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs everywhere! Amid punchy colours like bright blue, orange and green, this theme uses a playful dinosaur character to bring all the elements together. “Bold patterns such as multi-coloured dino and modern camo are used to create a modern take on the classic theme,” says Staunton.

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Trend #3: Pastel love

Soft pastel colours in the forms of ombre, tie-dye and fun graphics like strawberries make up this part of Pep Rally’s trendy collection. When you’ve got a glittery ombre notebook, pom-pom pen and strawberry-patterned clipboard, learning will always be fun. “We try to add fun details such as tactile materials to certain aspects of the product or we add glitter or fuzzy material which kids love to enjoy and touch,” says Staunton on this trend.

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Trend #4: Freestyle

Older kids will dig the use of muted reds, blacks and grey/blues in this trend. “Photoreal graphics and digital camo and geo prints are cool and hip for any back-to-school student,” says Staunton. For middle- and high-schoolers, back to school backpacks can be a big deal. Create an effortless, laidback look by mixing-and-matching gear like a blue camo water bottle with a red-and-blue geometric motif backpack.

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Trend #5: PPE, but make it fun School has changed a lot in the past few years and Pep Rally has made sure that their products reflect that. “We’ve included sanitizer holders with fun characters that can easily attach to backpacks,” says Staunton. “As well, we’ve introduced masks and other PPE items.” To ensure kids are always eating in a clean environment, Pep Rally has also created placemats in bright, fun colours that can easily be brought to-and-from school.

While back-to-school can be an exciting time, it can also bring up a lot of nerves. Now more than ever, kids need encouragement and little moments that spark joy in their lives. With their collection of cool, bright and engaging products, that’s exactly what Pep Rally aims to do.

“My hope is that these inspiring and on-trend pieces make kids smile and help them get excited and motivated to start the year off right,” says Staunton. “Even if there’s some nerves surrounding the start of school.”

Get your back-to-school checklist started with the ultimate selection of supplies.

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By Staples Canada

July 29, 2022