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Ace the school year by upgrading to the latest tech and accessories, including laptops, audio, and more.


Get work done wherever you go with the perfect laptop for your needs. From homework to big presentations, do it all on the latest laptops for school.


Turn the volume up with our selection of the best audio tech. Elevate your audio for your commute to your study sessions with the latest speakers, headphones, and more.

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Make a stylish statement with the latest backpacks, lunch bags, accessories, and more.


Backpacks that are more than just functional—they’re a style statement. Discover backpacks that put the ‘fun’ in ‘functional.’


Get ready for lunchtime with our selection of lunch bags, containers, and more. Keep all their snacks, drinks, and lunches, safe and sound wherever they go.

All the best backpacks

Keep your notes organized and your lunch cool with our selection of backpacks and lunchtime essentials.

Create your dedicated study zone

For maximum productivity and focus, revamp your at-home workspace with the latest desks, storage solutions, and more.


Complete their homework station with the perfect desk for work and play.We’ve got desks of all shapes and sizes to inspire your child’s best work.


Get comfy with the right chair that fits your child and their space.Whether it’s study time or play time, your child will be comfortable all day long in their perfect chair.

Build the Perfect Homework Station

Students need their own workspace, too. Help them stay productive and focused with their own homework station.

Made For Off-Campus Living

Ready to live off-campus? We’ll help you get what you need to pack up, move in, and organize your place.

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Moving Essentials

Find everything you need for a successful move, from crush-proof boxes and protective blankets to helpful dollies.

Small Appliances

Shop small appliances for small spaces that make a big impact.Whether you’re cooking or cleaning, we’ve got something to help make off-campus living a bit easier.


Everything you need to clean every nook and cranny, including sanitizers and cleaning solutions.Leave no surface untouched with a variety of cleaning supplies and tools.

Find all the best back to school deals at Staples. Find school supplies for every grade, whether they’re learning at school or at home. Save more money by exploring your local store’s flyers and checking our Coupon Centre. Teachers can save more by joining our Teacher Membership program. Explore Staples School Tools for teachers and parents to make shopping even easier.

All the Back to School Supplies You Need

Find everything you need for back to school shopping at Staples. Find sales on school supplies for elementary school, high school, and college students. Find writing supplies like pens, pencils, and Sharpies, and pencil cases to store them. Shop binders, dividers, notebooks, and paper. Send your kid to school with a litterless lunch, with lunch boxes, containers, and water bottles. For something to hold all their school supplies, shop backpacks, with kids, teen, and adult bags. Explore the Staples school supplies list for more ideas on what you may need for school.

Back to School Supplies for Distance Learning and College

School supplies for distance learning and college are very similar. On top of all the regular school supplies like writing supplies, paper, and binders, you will also need a workstation. Shop desks and office chairs, and stay organized with desk organizers. Find the best back to school deals on laptops, so you can attend online classes, and work on assignments. Keep your schedule organized with daily planners and calendars. Print out assignments or study notes with a printer, and grab extra ink cartridges to stay prepared for anything. Grab a pair of quality headphones to tune out any background noise and experience deeper concentration. Explore more learn from home essentials with webcams and workbooks. Staples is the best store for back to school deals in Canada.