Clean, Safe and On the Go: Back to School Tips for University Students

September means a return to the classroom for many children across Canada and for older students, their first year of college or university. This puts a new spin on back-to-school shopping, particularly if your kids are going to be living on campus or in other student housing. And, with COVID-19 still on all our minds and flu season fast approaching, great health and safety products are a must.

If your kids are heading to the dorm this fall, ensure that they’re ready to be clean and safe on the go with quality products from Staples. Here are some recommendations to help get you started.

For the Dorm Room

Shared living spaces can be messy at the best of times, so send your kids to school prepared to keep things clean and safe. Remember, easy-to-use products are a must for busy students. Consider stocking up on these items:

  • Antibacterial liquid dish soap for hand-washing their travel mugs,water bottles and other dishes

  • Tide Pods, to make having clean laundry a breeze

  • A pump-style bottle of hand sanitizer for their desk or on top of their dresser

  • An air purifier, particularly if they’re sharing accommodations with a roommate

  • A plug-in UV sanitizer that helps get rid of germs while keeping their dorm room smelling fresh

For Their Backpack

From their dorm room to the lecture hall, the library or the campus pub, your college kids will be on the go all day long. And, if they’re living at home but commuting to class by public transit, there’s even more reason to prioritize cleanliness on the go. Here are some great options for keeping students germ-free as they move around campus:

  • Kleenex pocket packs with a motivational message

●  Travel-sized hand sanitizer by One Step

● 3-ply disposable face masks for use as needed

It’s also a good idea for students to carry their own water bottle and travel mug. Not only will this prevent the spread of germs, but it can also help them save money all year long.

For the Parents

Feeling a bit sentimental as you see your kids off to college or university for the first time? It’s going to be okay. We have a whole package of travel-sized Kleenex available for every parent. Dry those tears and remember, you helped get your kids to this special moment and have every reason to feel proud.

By Staples Canada

August 07, 2021