How to Build an Awesome Pencil Case for Your Kids at Any Age

When you send your little ones off to school for the first time, it may be with an adorable pencil case full of classic school supplies. It might make you nostalgic for your first pencil case, if it was decorated with your favourite cartoon character (or even just in your favourite colour).

As kids grow older, they need more (and different) school supplies in their pencil case. This fall, make back to school season fun with a pencil case that’s packed with awesome stuff for your budding scholar. Here are some tips for building a pencil case for your kids at any age.

Primary Grades

Crayons are a classic and a must for any pencil case, and where else would you start but Crayola? Not only do they sell brightly coloured sets of blues, reds, greens and more, they’ve added a beautiful new set called Colors of the World with shades representing a variety of different skin tones. At this age, you may want to add washable markers, a small ruler and safety scissors.


These large scented markers are super fun for kids and nostalgic for parents. Hold it all in a large zippered pouch or pencil case box that opens and shuts easily (an important feature for little hands). Don’t forget to grab some construction paper, too.


Junior Grades

Forget those big markers from kindergarten — move on to these fine-tipped Crayola markers that are just as bright (and just as washable) while being better suited to big kids. Pencil crayons are another must along with traditional pencils, a mess-free pencil sharpener, some fun erasers, and if they need one, a basic calculator.


Want to add something fun? Kids love these brightly coloured scented markers in fun prints and patterns. Speaking of brightly coloured, these solid cases are a hit with older kids. Your kids may also like a Pep Rally pouch decked out with French bulldogs or lightning bolts, or this larger option with a stylish geometric print.


Intermediate Grades and High School

A middle school or high school student’s pencil case may look a little different, but it’s just as important. After all, you want your kids to be prepared for anything. Start with a pencil case that appeals to them, like this simple pink pouch, this cool heather grey option by Zipit or a modern leather case. Jansport has some more spacious options in awesome prints like this tie-dye number or this pineapple motif.


Now, add some great pens and pencils as well as a small pencil sharpener. Throw in some sticky tabs to help mark textbook pages, some Sharpies and a few highlighters. If your child is taking math classes, they may need a scientific calculator like this model from Texas Instruments. At this age, consider adding a portable power bank in case their cell phone or laptop needs charging on the go. USB drives are also helpful, and good earphones are a must. You can splurge on AirPods or another wireless option, but these basic Apple earphones may be a better option for the classroom, where things are sometimes lost. This may not look like the pencil case you had in high school but trust us — your kids will love it.


By Staples Canada

July 22, 2021