Hybrid work solutions.

Empower your performance in the new world of work.

What Is Hybrid Work About?

Work Smart

Whether you’re at the office, at home, or on-the-go, get work done with the right tools. From tablets to lightweight laptops, network wifi systems to video conferencing essentials, we’ve got the solutions you need to be productive wherever you are.

Work Well

Stay comfortable and productive with an ergonomic work setup. Adjustable standing desks, blue-light blocking tech, and more help relieve stress on your body so you can continue working. For more wellness tips for working from home, download our free poster.

Work Inspired

The best type of workspace is one where you feel inspired to get things done. Shop the right tools to help you stay productive including stylish furniture options, décor and organizational systems.

Hybrid Certified

Expert solutions to help you thrive in the new world of work.

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Your one-stop shop for hybrid work supplies

Whether you’re in the office or at home, get work done with these productivity must-haves.

Top tech tools for hybrid work

Tech tools that make a workspace out of any space. Shop for laptops, tablets, and more for your best hybrid work solution.

Office Furniture

No matter where you want to work, create a place that works for you with the right furniture.
Find the perfect desk, chairs, and accessories for your workspace.

Upgrade your commute

Don’t leave home without these on-the-go essentials. Make commuting easier and more enjoyable with backpacks, tumblers, and more.

Calling all startups, small businesses, service providers and more, our stores are changing to make room for you. From state-of-the-art event spaces to beautiful coworking facilities, the Staples Studio is here to help you work, learn, and grow. Learn more at https://studio.staples.ca/.

How can you create a healthy workspace? Let’s find out.
In Staples Canada new Work Well series, Rachel Mitchell, Canadian Certified Professional Ergonomist at ERGO Inc. and member of our WFA Advisory council, shares the ways you can set yourself up for better, more #ergonomic workdays — whether you’re at home or at the office.