Whether working at home, in the office or any space in between,
Staples has the essentials to help you thrive in this new world of work.

Whether working at home, in the office or any space in between,
Staples has the essentials to help you thrive in this new world of work.

Refresh your workspace

Top 10 Picks
Essentials to support a hybrid world of work.

The world of work has changed. Whether working from home, the office or any space in between ensuring an optimal workspace supports sustainable productivity. From enhancing your video conferencing to upgrading your technology tools these top 10 picks, carefully chosen by our team, are the solutions to support you working from anywhere.

be mobile
be mobile

Easily move your home workstation without slowing down productivity.

Changing desks shouldn’t mean sacrificing the set up that works for you. Staples offers work from home essentials to help you stay productive. Lightweight laptops, wireless keyboards, portable power banks—we’ve selected standout accessories and the latest tech equipment that will travel along with you to make your new space just as successful.

Communicate clearly with the best work from home technology and easily collaborate with colleagues and clients.

Work from anywhere and stay productive with the right connectivity boosting products. We’ve got recommendations for home workstations or on-the-go offices, like network Wi-Fi systems, solutions for sound and low lighting, plus so many more ideas that will keep you working uninterrupted.

Keep your focus while working from home with solutions developed with your well-being in mind.

Set yourself up for better workdays and relieve stress put on the body from sitting, typing and staring at screens. Discover ergonomically-designed and anti-fatigue equipment such as footrests, keyboard wrist rests, adjustable standing desks, and blue-light blocking tech. Download our free poster for more wellness tips for working from home.

Tips to set up a Healthy Workspace

Stay on track every day with these must-haves for an orderly office.

An organized home office space ensures we’re not distracted while we take on deadlines. Have the tools on hand to regularly backup data wherever you are, properly dispose of and store files, and keep a tidy workspace. You’ll find an uncluttered office helps with an uncluttered mind.

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Staples is aware of the difficulties that come with adjusting to working from home. The world of work is changing rapidly and we wish to accompany you through these different stages. Working from home is more than popular and we want to give you the best tools and products so that you can stay productive while Telecommuting. Remote working offers new perspectives and we would like to equip you as well as possible with our best products for working from home. e. Find the latest laptops and WiFi routers that let you work from anywhere, as well as ergonomic office chairs, headsets, height-adjustable desks, monitors, wireless printers, webcams, and more. Staying connected to the world while working remotely has never been easier.