Hybrid Certified

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Sonia Jhas

As an entrepreneur, I’ve worked pretty much anywhere and everywhere— from home, at the gym, from my parked car, in spare moments between outfit changes at photoshoots. Staples Canada’s on-the-go tech & productivity solutions and ergonomic accessories have helped me work smarter and calmer, no matter where I am.


Sonia's Top Picks

Shevon Salmon

I’ve always been interested in what the latest technology has to offer and how we as humans can benefit from said technology to increase productivity and creativity in whatever we do. Thankfully Staples offers a wide range of Hybrid Certified products that I use in my everyday life to help me work smarter & produce the highest quality content for my audience.


Shevon's Top Picks

Emily the Recruiter

My world is hybrid… I’m always running back and forth between the office, and my home work space for my 9-5 and my Career Coaching. My world also gets pretty messy without the right workspace set up, which is why I love staples! They’re my one stop shop for my hybrid workspace and technology so I can make my magic happen from anywhere.


Emily's Top Picks

Joseph Tito

As a content creator I work anywhere and everywhere. With Staples' "hybrid certified” products, I am able to work from anywhere with ease without skipping a beat.


Joseph's Top Picks

Jules the Lawyer

As a full-time lawyer and content creator, I am always working and on the go. Staples Canada has always been my go to one stop shop that allows me to get all I need done in a day whether that be drafting legal submissions for hours on end, editing content, or plotting the next step in my content creation (i.e. fame) journey. On any given day my workspace can be at home, at the office, a brand event, or even on the fly at the airport. Despite this variance, Staples Canada always has me covered for all my workspace needs. With Staples Canada, my home office is stylish and perfectly ergonomic. Whenever I need to transport this home office to finish work on the go, I am able to do so thanks to Staples Canada.


Jules' Top Picks