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If your teacher has not created a list of supplies, don’t worry! We've identified the best products for students with our Staples Suggested Lists for every grade!

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Shop from a curated list by your child's teacher. Simply select the products you need, add them to your cart and and checkout on

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Staples Canada's "School Tools for Parents" Program simplifies back-to-school shopping with its easy-to-use process. Parents can begin by finding their child's class and viewing the recommended list of supplies provided by the teacher. In case the teacher has not created a list, Staples has identified the best products for students with their Staples Suggested Lists for every grade. Next, parents can select the necessary supplies from the curated list, add them to their cart, and checkout on the Staples website. Lastly, parents can choose to have their supplies delivered to their home, their local Staples store for pickup, or directly to their child's school, if enabled by the teacher. With this streamlined process, Staples makes back-to-school shopping hassle-free for parents.

Staples Canada Inc. offers an extensive range of school supplies and products to ensure students are equipped for success. In addition to providing a convenient shopping experience with their School Tools for Parents page, Staples carries a variety of classroom essentials such as writing utensils,notebooks, and binders. They also offer a range of tools and furniture to enhance the learning environment, including whiteboards, markers, and desk lamps. With a wide range of products available, parents can rest assured that they will find everything their child needs to excel in school. Staples also carries technology products such as laptops, tablets, and printers to ensure students have access to the latest tools for their education. With their focus on providing quality products and a convenient shopping experience, Staples Canada Inc. is a go-to destination for all school-related needs.

School Tools allows you to view a school supply list your child’s teacher has put together. Discover the essential school supplies and back to school stationery your child will need for the year. Teachers can easily create a list with our catalog of over 200,000 quality products, and parents can shop the list, and choose which items they want to purchase. Discover why Staples is the best place to do school supply shopping.

The Benefits of Using School Tools

With School Tools, parents can take the guesswork out of buying school supplies. They can view a list of supplies their child’s teacher created, or view our generic school supply list by grade to discover what are the essential supplies and back to school stationery they need. Select only the high quality products you’d like to purchase and add them to your cart. Get 10% off your order of $50 or more, plus get a 1 school year guarantee warranty on all school supplies in your order. Parents can also buy items off their child’s teacher’s class registry or donate to help cover the cost of school supplies.

The Best Way to Buy School Supplies for Any Grade

Whether you need a school supply list for kindergarten, grade 8, or high school, School Tools has you covered. If your teacher hasn’t created a list, we’ll provide you with a generic school supply list by grade. Shop essential and high quality school supplies like laptops, pens, notebooks, binders, backpacks, and more. We’ll only recommend the products relevant to your child’s grade.