Top Tips for a Joyful & Productive Workspace from a Professional Organizer

Whether you have a dedicated home office or you’re sharing a workspace with other people it’so im-portant to create an environment to help you work joyfully and productively. Here are 5 tips to help you create a Work From Anywhere space you’ll love.

1. Designate a space for work

To be productive, it’s essential to designate a location that’s just for work. Not only will it help you fo-cus, but a good workspace can help minimize distractions and help you get into a “work mode” mind-set. Take some time to imagine your ideal work life in the flow of a work day. This will give you clarity on the items that are essential to help you do your job and be productive. Make sure to find a home for each item and store them by category so you always know where to find things. As well, store eve-rything within reach so you can work without interruptions. If you don’t have a dedicated office, you can store all the items you need for work in a storage box or a rolling cart and have it ready whenever you’re ready to work.

2. Create a ritual to start your work day

When working remotely, it can be difficult to separate work and life. To help create a separation be-tween the two, create a ritual to signify the start of your work day to help you focus when it’s time to work. I like to start my day by ensuring my environment can help me leverage my senses to maximize productivity and stay focused. This includes using a desk lamp so I have proper lighting and turning on a diffuser with my favourite essential oils. Peppermint is known to help people stay focused and in-crease productivity; lemon is great for concentration and mental alertness; and sandalwood is be-lieved to lessen anxiety and have a calming effect. Before sitting down, I also fill up my water bottle so I can stay hydrated, as some studies have shown a potential link between hydration and productivity.

3. Keep your desk surface clear

If you want to maximize your productivity, it’s important to have an environment where you can fo-cus. With that in mind, try to minimize what you store on your desk and keep only what you need for the task you’re working on. An easy way to keep paper clutter under control is by using a magazine file to house all the documents you need to manage. You can use boxes and trays in drawers or on shelves to store other small items by category. Use cable management accessories to tidy up your elec-tronic cords. Cables can be a source of visual clutter as they can often make an otherwise tidy space look messy. If you’re sharing a space with other people, each person can put their items in a container or tray and put them away when they’re not working.

4. Remove distraction

It’s no surprise that it’s very easy to get distracted when we’re working. One study found that it can take more than 20 minutes to refocus after experiencing a distraction. To help minimize distractions, put away gadgets and phones and turn off your computer notifications. An electronics UV sanitizer with wireless charging is a great triple-duty option, as it can sanitize and charge your phone while keeping it out of sight. Your phone will be ready to use again when you’ve completed your task. Sound can also be a source of distraction, so if you’re sharing a space with others, make sure you have a good pair of headphones. You can drown out distracting noises by listening to a deep focus playlist or some ambient sounds while you work.

5. Bring joy into your workday

Creating a calm and uncluttered environment will enhance both productivity and joy. To increase the joy factor of your workspace, add something that makes you smile every time you look at it – whether that’s a favourite photo, some fresh flowers or a plant. When we ask ourselves: “does this bring me joy?” we discover what is most important and how we want to live. Being surrounded by objects you love can remind you to live more joyfully at home and at work.

By Helen Youn

July 08, 2021