Top Tips for a High Schooler's Study Space

Living with young adults has its ups and downs. Your high school student may amaze you with brilliant insights one moment and frustrate you with their immaturity the next. Relax: this is all normal! Adolescence is a period of significant social and emotional development as young adults seek more independence and personal responsibility. One way to support your child through their teenage years is to design a bedroom workspace where they can retreat to study, be creative, and make plans for the future. 

Here are 5 must-haves your high school student will appreciate having in a room-slash-study-space of their own.

MUST-HAVE #1: A professional desk

Fact: Your teen will spend more time working at their desk if they like it. Engage them in designing their own space by asking them to pick a desk based on their study habits and lifestyle. You’ll learn a lot about them by their choice, whether it’s a mid-century modern inspired desk, a performance gaming desk, health-promoting sit-stand desk, or a first-apartment-ready work station that could double as a console or vanity.

MUST-HAVE #2: Noise-cancelling headphones

What we may deem a “nice to have” is, for many teens, an absolute necessity. And whether they’re looking for some respite from the sounds of younger siblings, or to listen to their favourite tunes as they work on projects, the ability to stay focused with the help of a little auditory calm can be a game changer. Look for headphones that are lightweight and over-ear for maximum comfort.

MUST-HAVE #3: The walls of their dreams

Paint is one of the fastest, easiest and – yay! – cheapest ways to make over a room. If your teen is chafing for the opportunity to personalize their space, let them paint their walls. Sure, there’s a 50% chance you’ll hate it… but once they close the door, that’s not your problem and you can always repaint later. (But here are some ideas you might both love.) If you live in an apartment that doesn’t allow painting, give them free rein with posters, self-stick decals and other wall art. Affirming your teen’s creativity encourages them to find their voice and feel confident using it.

MUST-HAVE #4: Storage galore

A cluttered space promotes cluttered thinking. Help your teen keep themselves organized with home-office solutions that will keep what they need accessible yet tidy. A two- or three-drawer filing cabinet keeps coursework and research in order (whether mod or rustic is their thing), while desk organizers store paperwork and writing instruments close at hand.

MUST-HAVE #5: Good lighting

The best rooms feature a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting:

Ambient lighting is general room lighting; it’s what floods the space when your teen flips their bedroom light switch.

Task lighting is pertinent to studying, reading and so forth. It’s easier on the eyes and supports concentration. Think: desk lamps and floor lights that illuminate the desk area.

Finally, accent lighting is for mood or style – it’s that LED neon light sign, string of twinkle lights or retro lava lamp that says: “This room is all about me!”








By Staples Canada

July 31, 2020

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