Things to Look for When Buying Headphones for Kids

Whether it’s for school or a little relaxation with their favourite show or game, headphones can be a blessing. For others in the vicinity, it keeps the sounds contained, and for kids, headphones can help keep them focused on the activity at hand. But not all headphones are created equally. Here are 5 things to watch out for when picking the perfect pair.

1. Volume Limiter

Look for headphones with a volume limiter to protect against hearing loss as any headphone that allows more than a volume of 85 decibels runs the risk of hearing loss. 80 decibels is an ideal maximum limit.

Try Maxell Kids Volume Limiting Headphones with a maximum output of 75 decibels.

2. Lightweight and Padding

Little necks with still-developing muscles require smaller headphones that have a lighter feel. Not only are most kids headphones designed for their smaller heads, but they are lighter to help with comfort and ease potential strain. Also look for light padding around the ear and along the headband to soften the headphones as they rest on the head.

Try Maxwell Action Kids Earbuds With Mic to eliminate any weight on the wearer’s head. These come with a mic as well which can help when it comes to online group activities.

3. Fun, Kid-Friendly Design

Wearing something on your head isn’t always comfortable (although that should always be the goal), so making the design of headphones fun and kid-friendly can go a long way!

Try Wicked Audio On Ear Kids Safe Headphone Rad Rascal Ketchup And Mustard because who doesn’t love a condiment!

4. Go Wireless

In an ideal world, children would be unencumbered to move around all spaces freely. And even though that’s not always possible in confined spaces like the car, it’s still important for children to feel like they’re not tethered. Bluetooth-enabled headphones, with a wired option, are the best option for little who like to listen, and dance it out!

Try Jlab Buddies Studio Kids Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth and a corded option if needed.

5. Noise Cancellation

Kids (and adults, let’s be honest) are easily distracted, and headphones with noise cancellation help eliminate background noise so the wearer can stay engaged with what they’re listening to, rather than what’s happening around them.

Try Cyber Acoustics ACM-7000 Stereo Headphones for Kids for a sleek look and comfortable leatherette ear covers to help keep the sound in, and the sounds out!

By Staples Canada

July 20, 2020

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