Six Steps to an Organized Office

Nowadays, we are working and studying not just from home – but from anywhere. Having an organized workspace is key to staying focused. Make your job easier by creating a space that has everything you need to work smarter, not harder.

Do Your Homework

The first step in getting the most potential out of any workspace is to think about how you need the room to function. Will you be working solo, or do you need to share the space with your partner or children? Does the room also need to be a bedroom, playroom, or workout space? Answering these questions will help maximize space when setting up a functional home office.

Space Out

Space planning is an important part of the process. To keep it simple, use the rule of three. Ensure you have three feet of clearance for chairs to slide back from the desk. If more than one person will be sharing the work surface, make sure to allow for a minimum of three feet of space per person.

Comfort is Key

Know where to save or splurge. If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, invest in a comfortable chair, or even dual monitors to make your workday more enjoyable. Hardwood floors too chilly underfoot? Add warmth and style with a soft rug.

Tools of the Trade

Whether it’s hands-on materials, paperwork or tech, keep the tools you need close at hand. Use a desktop organizer to keep pens, pencils and other items tidy but within easy reach. Make sure any tech, like ear buds and laptops, are charged and ready to use each morning.

Tucked Away

Storage has never looked so good! We’ve come a long way from old-school industrial looking cabinets. In a dedicated office space, keep files organized in a stylish, modern version. If you’re working in a multi-purpose room, use a cart on casters to wheel workday items out of sight at the end of the workday. For small storage, tuck items on shelves in baskets or bins and use a label maker to assign designated spaces. To stay organized, treat yourself to a colourful notebook and fun, patterned binders.

On Display

Don’t forget to decorate the space; it’s so much easier to stay inspired in beautiful surroundings! Paint the walls a calm colour, add pattern with wallpaper or treat yourself to a beautiful piece of art to hang above your desk. Carve out a spot to create an inspirational and functional display: a calendar to plan for the week ahead, a vision board to help with focus and personalized items like photos or mementos. Use a bulletin board or white board to keep this looking tidy and stylish.

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Sarah Gunn has been a design and lifestyle expert for over ten years. She loves sharing tips and inspiration to help people live a beautiful life, at any budget.

By Sarah Gunn

April 16, 2021