Make Back-to-School Shopping Simple with School Tools

Throughout the pandemic we have had time to reflect, adjust and settle into our new normal. We’ve learned to do many things differently, including how to shop, work, visit with friends and family, as well as look for the silver linings in life. So understandably, there is a lot of uncertainty coming up this fall as we learn how to fit school back into the equation. No one is exactly sure yet what the new normal will look like for school. However, there is one thing all parents and educators can agree on: back to school will be quite different!

Whether your student(s) will be returning to in-person or remote learning, or taking advantage of tutoring, there’s still organization, coordination and planning to be done. There is currently a lot of stress for families now who have to make tough choices regarding the academic year. Back-to-school shopping and ensuring students are properly equipped doesn’t have to add to it.

Staples Canada has simplified the process for parents and teachers alike by offering Staples School Tools. Teachers can register with Staples to create a personalized class list of all the back-to-school supplies their students will need, making ordering super straightforward for families, and getting everything delivered for free right to your door or school.

The guesswork is taken away for parents in purchasing the right materials and quantities, saving valuable time and money. Items are also characterized as either required, suggested or optional to help guide your spending decisions. In addition to the customized class lists selected by participating teachers, there are also grade specific lists curated by Staples to consider. As a bonus, parent councils will be pleased as 3% of every order gets donated back to the school to support fundraising initiatives.

At Teachers on Call, our team of tutors are big believers in planning ahead to ease back-to-school jitters, and to make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible. The more prepared we are before the first day of school, the more ready we will feel to embrace the challenges of the year ahead. Regardless of what September will look like, let’s stick with tradition to pick out some colourful binders and notebooks, and set our kids up for success!

Ready to sign up? To get started with Staples School Tools as a parent or teacher, go to

Joanne Sallay is the President of Teachers on Call, an award-winning tutoring service providing 1-on-1 learning by professional certified teachers in all subjects and grades from K to 12. She is a regular media contributor, back-to-school enthusiast, and mom of two adorable kids.


By Joanne Sallay

September 14, 2020

Joanne Sallay is an education expert and President at Teachers on Call, an award-winning home tutoring service providing one-on-one instruction in all subjects and grades.

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