Label Your Way to an Organized Home and Home Office

Setting up an organized household is a must when you’re trying to keep your busy family on track. Between school, work, sports, appointments, bill payments and social commitments, you’ve got a lot to keep tabs on. Add to all that the fact that you might be working (and maybe even teaching your kids) from home, it’s a pretty sure bet that your organization system is in dire need of an overhaul.

Luckily, Brother has labelling solutions to help you create and maintain order in the middle of life’s chaotic moments. All you need is the PT-P300BTAD CUBE label maker, some TZe tapes and a few handy tips to corral your “busyness” into something more manageable. Use the CUBE with your mobile device and Brother’s Design&Print app to easily and quickly create labels for all over the house.

Home office labelling

Working from home isn’t as easy as you may think. You might be tempted by chores, the fridge, the tv and other things that can take your attention away from your job. With so many potential distractions, it’s critical to find ways to keep your workspace organized and stay productive. Brother labelling is perfect for creating customized labels for file folders, office supplies, CDs and more to help you know where everything is and ultimately save time while working.

School supply labelling

Binders, papers, pencils, markers and pens…they have ways of taking over your home! If you’re always asking your kids to clean up their school stuff, it might be time to set up a school supply trolley...especially important if your kids will be remote learning. It’ll not only wrangle up all their things, but it’ll create a self-serve, one-stop destination to cut down on the usual cries of “mom, I can’t find my…” and “has anyone seen my…?” that have a way of raising the frustration level in the house.

Create a family command centre

Stay on top of everyone’s comings and goings with an easy-to-update command centre and family calendar. Grab a white board, some permanent markers, your CUBE label maker and some TZE tapes to whip up a customized calendar in no time. Draw out a blank month using a permanent marker, print up the days of the week with your label maker, and create a colour coded system that works for your family. Green for gymnastics, blue for feeding the dog, pink for unloading the dishwasher, get creative when using labels. Anything you can think of to streamline the way your family gets things done.

Labelling for your kitchen and pantry

When everything is labelled, it’s easier for family members to find what they’re after (and finally learn to put things back where they belong). Because TZe labels are water resistant, they’re ideal for labelling things like food containers, spice jars, lunchboxes water bottles and more. Perhaps your kids will even become more self-sufficient when it comes to getting their own snacks!

With the right tools and tricks, you can get your home (and family) organized! All you need is your imagination and a few supplies. Remember to take some before and after pics of your projects so you can sit back and admire your newly streamlined spaces when you’re done!

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By Brother Canada

September 14, 2020

BTS HQ - Silver