Invest in These Areas of Your Business in the New Year

Budgeting for your small business needs isn’t easy. It takes practice, a handle on past and current financial records, and the ability to anticipate what comes next.

Not to mention the effort it takes learning how to manage a bunch of numbers and tabs in an Excel spreadsheet. Quickbooks anyone?

As you’re forecasting expenses into the new year, think about the areas of your small business that are likely to deliver the most bang for your buck. These are a few worth investing in sooner rather than later.

Digital Marketing and Design

Whether you’re brick and mortar or strictly an online retailer, customers are likely to have some sort of digital experience with your business. They’ve Googled your address, received an email, liked an Instagram post, or bought something off your website.

Whatever the touchpoint may be, it’s important to consider how every online action taken leads to the next. Are your customers experiencing interactions with your brand that are cohesive and helpful in leading them down the path towards purchase?

From enhancing your overall brand message with graphic design to website optimization, Staples has you covered. Solutionshop is a great place to start in addressing low-hanging fruit like logo work and on-demand graphics. But if you’re looking to invest more heavily and holistically in digital marketing, touch base with Staples’ Website and Digital Marketing Services experts for insight on where to start.

IT Support

Tech and IT support are the kind of things you don’t think about until you need to think about them. Until you’ve spilled coffee on your laptop with no backup in place to recover your data. Or until you’ve opened a phishing email and subjected yourself to cyber hacks.

The thing is, IT is something you can easily be proactive with — especially when working with experts, who specialize in remote or offsite workforces. Nerds-On-Site provides a wide range of IT solutions tailored to your business’ specific needs. Even if you’re just looking for advice on what to consider as your business grows, they’re happy to answer questions and consult as it makes sense.


Another business area worth paying attention to: shipping and logistics. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t take a promise for “next-day shipping” for granted.

As a business, you also can’t afford to sit back and hope that a delivery arrives at its destination just because the receipt in your hand says it will. Plan ahead and partner with shipping providers you can trust.

The level of choice offered through Solutionshop Shipping Services makes it easy to adjust carriers as needed based on timing and budget. 300+ drop-off locations open seven days/week provides the flexibility and convenience needed to tackle both scheduled and last-minute shipments.

When you invest in any one of these areas of your business today, you’ll be thanking yourself tomorrow. Check out the full lineup of services and offerings available through the Staples Solutionshop to get started.

By Staples Canada

December 16, 2021

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