3 Fun and Easy Nature Crafts for Kids

Keeping kids busy is no easy task, but when you’re armed with fun and inventive craft ideas, you can have them tapping into their creativity in no time. With warm weather here, look no further than your doorstep for DIY projects for kids that only require a few tools to get started.

Grab your sunblock, hat and some kid-friendly scissors — here are three easy nature crafts that will help you and your kids get some fun in the sun.

Nature paint brushes

Materials needed:Washable paint, paint palette, poster board

Instructions: This incredible craft is part exploration, part creativity. Round up the kids and go on a nature scavenger hunt. Have them search for flowers, grass, leaves, branches and more. Make it an educational moment and help them identify each plant they find. Once each kid has a collection of plants, set each one up with a big poster board and some washable paints in their palettes. Instruct them to use their plants as paint brushes to make their own colourful masterpieces. Keep the fun going by collecting pinecones to paint, or use leftover leaves to make little nature friends by painting eyes on them — two great options for kids who lose interest in projects quickly and need to be redirected.

Nature portraits

Materials needed:Glue, kids’ scissors, paper plates, crayons, popsicle sticks

Instructions: Before sending your kiddos out to collect their nature materials, have them point out their eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hair, and brainstorm some fun nature items that they can use to make a self-portrait. Give each of them a paper plate to collect their items. Once they’ve gathered what they need, give them glue and popsicle sticks so they can attach their finds to their paper plates. And voila, you’ve got a nature selfie!

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DIY seed bombs

Materials needed:Colourful paper, blender, bowls, elastic bands, cheese cloth, glass mason jar, flower seeds, soil

Instructions: Start by having your little ones tear up the coloured paper and organize the pieces by colour. Place the paper bits into a bowl, pour water over it and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Transfer into a blender and blend until it becomes mash. Move the colourful mash back into your bowl, then cut a piece of cheese cloth to drape over your mason jar and secure it with an elastic band. Take a dollop of the mash and place it on top of the cheese cloth. Press down gently to shape it into a bowl. Inside the small mash bowl, place a teaspoon of soil and a small amount of flower seeds, then cover with another dollop of mash. Remove the elastic and give the seed bomb a squish to drain out the water. Then, take the seed bomb out of the cheese cloth and allow it to dry for a day. After they’re dry, take your kids out on an adventure and throw seed bombs in outdoor areas where they think flowers are needed. Need more ideas on how to keep the kids learning while school’s out? Join the fun over on Staples Spotlight where we’ll be hosting a virtual summer camp.

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