Summer Boredom Busters Your Kids Will Love

Kids love summer break, but inevitably, every parent is going to hear that dreaded phrase: I’m bored!

It happens in every household but sometimes, all it takes to get out of that creative rut is a change of pace. Here are some easy ways to be ready with family-friendly boredom busters all summer long.

Create an Idea Wall

Start by giving each family member a stack of colourful Post-It Notes. Have them write an activity on the back of each note, then stick them to a wall in your kitchen or other living area. When boredom strikes, choose a random Post-It from the wall and go have fun!

Boredom busters can be anything from sports or science experiments to art or imagination games. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas to get you started:

● Make a vinegar and baking soda volcano

● Have a water fight

● Go geo-caching as a family

● Bake cookies

● Have a dance party

● Go to a local lake or stream and have a stone-skipping contest

● Decorate the sidewalk with Crayola chalk

● Make homemade bird feeders or decorate a butterfly house

● Play soccer in the backyard or a local park

● Use paper and crayons to design your own dinosaur

● Play a boardgame or do a puzzle

● Write a letter or draw a picture for a family member who lives in another city

● Hide something in the house or backyard, then draw a treasure map to help someone find it

● Create your own language or secret code

● Draw yourself as a superhero (or, dress up like one and create a game where you save the day!)


There are so many ways to have fun as a family (or keep kids busy, if you’re working from home). When brainstorming ideas, think about a mix of physical activities like sports as well as art projects, science projects, strategy games and even educational activities. And yes, you can add in movies or other screen time! After all, that’s why you bought that great tablet.

Consider categorizing your boredom busters by colour-coding them or writing on the front of each Post-It Note. Categories might include “Family Activity”, “Rainy Day” or “Outdoors”. This will help you pick activities that are appropriate at any given time.

Choice is Good

Not all kids (or adults) like surprises, so another way to approach boredom busters is by creating a “choice wall.” Instead of writing the ideas on the back of each Post-It Note, write them on the front and let family members pick what they’re in the mood for. Or, simply use something like this Boredom Box full of kid-friendly challenges, games and puzzles (there’s also an outdoor edition). Whatever works for your family is the way to go. After all, the point is to have fun!



With a little prep work and some creativity, your kids will be entertained all summer long.

By Staples Canada

July 02, 2021