Staples Summer Camp

Interactive tutorials and activities to keep them learning all summer long.

Staples Summer Camp

Interactive tutorials and activities to keep them learning all summer long.



Paper Bag Stars with Crayola

Warm summer nights are perfect for looking at the stars! Hanging star decorations are now a colourful upcycled craft! Decorate leftover brown paper bags, and then transform them into a DIY Paper Star.

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Animal Bookmarks with Crayola

The book stops here!  Making cute bookmarks are fun and easy and may just get your little summer campers excited about making their way through their next chapter book.  Learn how to get creative and make a corner bookmark for kids.

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Rock Art Animals with Crayola

Whether at summer camp or in the backyard, turning found rocks into Rock Art Animals is fun and colourful! This easy summer craft combines rock painting and Model Magic.

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Popsicle Stick Superhero with Crayola

Summer and popsicles go hand and hand, why not recycle the stick with a SUPER cool popsicle craft at home! This superhero craft comes to the creative rescue, using Crayola supplies and items you already have on hand.

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Bubble Print Ocean Collage with Kid Made Modern

Let's have some fun with paint and create an underwater ocean world! Get out your art supplies, some everyday household items or the Kid Made Modern Studio in a Box!

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Friendship Bracelets with Klutz

Just because we can't get together with all our friends, doesn't mean you can't be connected from afar! Learn how to make friendship bracelets with this tutorial from Klutz. Make ones that match each one of your friends' styles and personalities, and keep your whole gang accessorized this summer.



String Art with Klutz

Create beautiful pieces of art using colourful crafting thread, pins and project boards. Follow the instructions from Klutz, or become an expert and design your own. Get colourful, show your personality and decorate your space!



Sculpting a Dolphin with Playdoh

Did you know dolphins are one of the friendliest animals? Make yourself a little dolphin friend with playdoh!

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Sculpting a Hermit Crab with Playdoh

Feeling like a hermit yourself these days? Learn to create your own pet hermit crab with playdoh!

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Sculpting a Sand Castle

Can't get to a beach this summer? No problem! Create your own sand castle at home with no-mess playdoh!

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Summer Slime Recipe Book with Elmers

Making slime is not only fun, but it's a great science and sensory lesson too! Get into the kitchen and start creating 4 different slime recipes using Elmers glue.

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Scultping a Dinosaurs and Unicorns with Staedtler

Learn to create a a mythical unicorn & a dinosaur using Fimo modeling clay. Pick your colours, personalized your creature and cure it in the oven for long-term keeping.

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Painting a Watercolour Llama with Staedtler

Llama just say, you should take this watercolour painting course! Paint a cute llama and learn the techniques of watercolour painting.

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Code your Own Robot with Logics

What do Angry Birds, TikTok and email all have in common? They're all created with code! Learn to maneuver and program The Dash robot virtually (no robot required) with this introductory block coding course from Logics Academy. 

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Code your Own Robot 2 with Logics

Want to be an engineer or computer scientist? Get a head start on your coding skills (and have fun doing so) with this MBlock5 robotics course from Logics Academy.

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Coding with Kano: Summon Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans

Learn to code with creative challenges from Kano. Access 1 of 5 online challenges and start your learning using just your computer and mouse. Take your coding to the next level by using the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit.

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Coding with Kano: Control the Flying Car

Make magic on a screen, with a wave, twist, and twirl. Create, share, and play with the Kano community and immerse yourself in the Hogwarts world online.Access free challenges to start your coding education, and then take it to the next level with the Harry Potter Coding Kit.

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Drawing Safari Animals with Osmo

Let’s go on a wild, safari adventure! Imagine you’re going on a safari in the Serengeti, what is the first animal you want to see? A giraffe? A lion? A hippo? Let’s bring them to life at home with some paper, pencils, paint, leaves, and Osmo magic!

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Minecraft Hour of Code with Microsoft

Learn the basics of coding in a fun and challenging Minecraft scenario. In this module you’ll work through a number of puzzles that can be solved with code. You’ll learn everything from the very basics to some of the fundamentals of coding like if statements and loops. So get your diamond sword at the ready and join us today for an awesome coding adventure!

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Tattoos with BIC

Summer can be a time for experimenting with your look. Why not design your own temporary tattoo with BIC Bodymarkers? Choose a design and get creative! The best part - no long term regrets here. Use soap and water and within a few washings it'll be gone.

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Science Class: Neuroscience and the Brain with HP

Learn about the nervous system and the brain from an actual Neuroscientist! Print off the worksheet and follow the interactive video as we learn how the brain works!

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Biology Class: Learning about Animals with HP

Love animals? Learn all about the animal kingdom and how you can help with conservation. Simply print off your worksheet, and follow along the interactive video!

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Music Class: Rhythm and Rhyme and Learning about Instruments with HP

Music is not only fun, but it stimulates the brain by improving memory function . Learn to read music, keep rhythm and have fun doing it! Print out the worksheet and follow along with the interactive video.

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Painting with Watercolours (advanced) with Derwent

Ever admired the work of Monet and thought, "I wish I could do that"! Learn how to paint beautiful watercolour flowers with Derwent paints.

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Tie Dye with Derwent

Tie-Dye is on trend right now! Learn the easiest way to tie-dye using household items and Derwent intense blocks.

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Painting Ceramic Pots with Derwent

Summer is the perfect time to get gardening! Add some more colour to your everyday ceramic pots and personalize your plant collection with this tutorial on painting Ceramic Pots.

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