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Develop and Learn Through Play​

Fine Motor Skills

Help strengthen hand-eye coordination through fine and visual motor skills requiring precise movements1 using the small muscles of the hands and wrists. The benefits include creativity, self-expression, artistic appreciation, and the growth of independence.

· Drawing and Colouring
· Building
· Sculpting
· Assembling

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Sensory Learning

Develop your child’s sensory processing through hands-on and interactive activities that engage sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Through sensory learning, you’re supporting cognitive growth, motor skills, and even language development in order to improve critical thinking, foster imagination, and increase learning retention.2,3

· Arts and Crafts
· Sand, Putty, or Playdough
· Audiobooks and Music
· Tactile Tools
· Musical Instruments

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Discovery and Exploration

Encourage kids to unlock their creativity, imagination, confidence, and problem-solving skills through activities involving science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).4, 5 STEM-focused toys provide learning opportunities that focus on building scientific understanding, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.6, 7, 8 Through their curiosity, a lifelong interest in innovation is potentially unlocked.

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Cognitive Learning

Strengthen your child’s brain-based core skills—encompassing thinking, reading, memory, reason, and attention6—through educational games and learning tools. Early cognitive development has a long-lasting impact; it’s essential for everything from attention and decision making, to building learning skills and language development.7

· Language and Literacy
· Logic Puzzles
· Games and Brain Teasers
· Flash Cards and Memory Games
· Sing-a-Longs, Rhymes and Poems

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Kids' Resources

Majestic Watercolour Brush Pen Whale

The giant of the sea comes to life with STAEDTLER watercolour brush pens! Learn how to add water to pen marks to create watercolour magic.

National Geographic - Gemstone Dig

Excavate a genuine gemstone, rose quartz, amethyst, and quartz from the dig brick with the included dig tools, just like a real geologist. Explore the awesome world of geology!

3 Easy Ways to Teach Your Kids Math Skills in Daily Life

Great math skills can benefit everyone, regardless of your age or stage in life. Just think about it: you don’t have to be an engineer or an accountant to use math every day. From budgeting or planning an event to cooking or buying furniture, we all use math to help us do various jobs or make smart decisions.

What is Play-Based Learning: Unleashing the Power of Fun

Play-Based Learning is an educational philosophy that emphasizes using play as the primary vehicle for teaching and learning. It involves creating an environment where children actively engage in activities that are enjoyable, spontaneous, and self-directed while achieving educational objectives.

Fun Ways to Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

When you’re a kid, summer is all about fun in the sun — but there’s no reason it can’t also incorporate learning, too. There are countless ways parents can integrate education into their kids’ entertainment during summer break. Here are some simple (and fun) ways to keep children engaged in learning all summer long.

3 Fun and Easy Nature Crafts for Kids

Keeping kids busy is no easy task, but when you’re armed with fun and inventive craft ideas, you can have them tapping into their creativity in no time. With warm weather here, look no further than your doorstep for DIY projects for kids that only require a few tools to get started. Grab your sunblock, hat and some kid-friendly scissors — here are three easy nature crafts that will help you and your kids get some fun in the sun.

Unlock your child’s full potential with this innovative outcome-based learning approach. Designed to foster skill development, critical thinking, and a growth mindset through the use of clear goals and measurable outcomes, these resources and tools ensure a personalized learning experience tailored to your child’s unique needs. Best of all, as your child progresses and conquers each new challenge, their confidence will grow, setting them up for academic success. Let’s go! 17 Put your child on the path to future success with an outcome-based approach that integrates STEM, fine motor skills, sensory development, and cognitive learning. We offer a range of resources and tools to support children, parents, and educators alike, and products that engage kids’ interests and build an ideal learning environment: engineering kits,robotics kits, hands-on science experiments, sensory play toys, and kid-friendly furniture. Parents can boost their child's skill development and spark their curiosity and creativity with dexterity-building games and tools, while educators can foster a collaborative space for students in the classroom with ergonomic and functional furniture. Even equipping them with kid headphonescan improve their focus and immersive learning—use them to explore educational video games that seamlessly blend entertainment and education. We’re here to help you invest in your child's future, providing them with the best learning experiences and ways to achieve measurable success. 18, 19