Staples® Canada environmental initiatives allow the business to operate in a much more sustainable manner - from green product sourcing to taking action within internal operations to expanding recycling services offered to customers.

Staples promotes a wide variety of products and programs that support its goals:

Eco-Responsible Products

Both in-store and online, Staples Canada offers over 5,000 unique products with at least one environmental attribute such as recycled or remanufactured content and/or independent third party certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council certification. Beyond offering products made with recycled content, PVC was removed from all Staples® brand products’ packaging. As well, the company actively seeks new opportunities to further develop its own brand using "green" eco-responsible raw materials such as wood fiber from certified sustainable forests, agricultural waste and lower-impact bio-based alternatives.

Recycling Made Easy

Staples Canada makes it easy for customers to recycle computers and office technology products, ink and toner cartridges, cell phones and other personal electronics, and rechargeable batteries. The company is committed to diverting materials from the waste stream.

Battery Recycling Program
Staples has partnered with Call2Recycle to collect used batteries (rechargeable and alkaline) from all store locations and the home office, for recycling.

Ink and Toner Return Program
Since 2008, Staples has collected used ink and toner cartridges at every store location in Canada. We need your help to divert 20 million cartridges from landfills by Earth Day 2016! It’s easy, bring your empty ink and toner cartridges to any Staples Canada location for proper disposal.

School Ink Recycling Program
Every year 300 million ink cartridges end up in North American landfills. Staples Canada encourages schools across the country to participate in this program by signing up to receive a free ink cartridge collection bin. Order a free ink cartridge recycling bin for your school and help us collect and divert 100,000 cartridges by Earth Day 2015 with the Canada School Recycling program. Click here for details and to register for your free ink bin.

Electronics Recycling
In an effort to divert eight-million pounds of electronic waste from landfill sites annually, Staples, alongside its national electronics recycling partner, eCycle Solutions take back end-of-life electronics in almost all Canadian retail locations. Recyclable items accepted include PDAs, cell phones, computers, computer parts and more. View a complete list of collection sites and accepted recyclable hardware. » click here

Staples/Bureau en Gros is also an authorized e-waste provider site through the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) nationally.

Writing Instruments
As the exclusive retail partner of Terracycle, Staples launched a writing instrument recycling program in 2012. The program encourages customers to drop off used writing instruments such as pens, pencils, markers and highlighters at local stores, to be shipped to Terracycle for recycling.

Staples Canada has partnered with Iron Mountain to offer Staples customers a secure paper shredding service. This allows you to safely and cost effectively destroy unnecessary sensitive paper documents.

With our shredding service, we're as committed to protecting the environment as we are to protecting your privacy. That's why all shredded materials are recycled to minimize waste, pollution and impact on our natural resources.

Driver Take-Back (selected markets)
Staples' drivers now collect used electronics, batteries, and ink and toner cartridges while delivering new product to customers. Drivers generally accept up to three large units at a time, after which eCycle Solutions is available to pick up any surplus or bulky items. Staples offers this service through most Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Quebec stores.

Download the recycling waiver form, which must be completed and presented to your driver if you have requested customer recycling pickup by us.

Internal Recycling Programs
In addition to its Recycling Made Easy programs, Staples' internal programs include the recycling of cardboard, paper, shredding, pallets, and in several pilot locations, shrink wrap, cans, glass and plastics.

Community Programs Supporting the Environment

Staples Canada proudly supports organizations committed to the preservation and protection of the environment. Partnering with and sponsoring organizations such as the Recycling Council of Canada and Earth Day Canada allows Staples to maintain strong community relations, as well as support causes and initiatives important to the company. Staples also operates various in-house community and environmental programs, such as the Superpower your School Contest and Lights Out.

Staples Superpower your School Contest
Every year, Staples Canada, in collaboration with Earth Day Canada, provides 10 exceptional schools with $25,000 each worth of technology to further their environmental and educational work and recognize their eco stewardship. Click here for more information.

Earth Day® Canada
Staples Canada is a proud national sponsor of Earth Day Canada's EcoKids program. EcoKids is a free, environmental education program that offers curriculum-linked materials and activities to help engage Canadian elementary school children in environmental action. There are also resources available for teachers, such as lesson plans, class lists, challenges and more.
» Learn more

EARTH DAY® and the Leaf and Swirl DesignTM are trade-marks of Earth Day Canada (1991) Inc., used with the permission of Earth Day Canada (1991) Inc.

Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

An investment in energy conservation and renewable energy reflects Staples Canada's commitment to reducing the impact of the company's energy use on the environment, particularly as it relates to climate change.

Energy Conservation
Staples continues to reduce energy consumption through conservation and the use of energy efficient technologies.

Staples works actively to conserve energy across the business. The following initiatives have clear environmental benefits, reduce overall energy costs, and diversify the company's energy sources to mitigate the impacts of increases in fuel prices.

Staples Canada Facilities-Energy
Staples has installed Energy Management Systems in the majority of its stores across Canada, along with energy efficient 25W bulbs. These systems allow Staples to centralize control of lighting and temperature set points, as well as reduce overall energy consumption.

Lights-Out Program
A little light goes a long way. The Lights-Out program significantly saves energy by reducing the heat load, making it easier for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to keep buildings cool.

Since 2007, Staples has reduced light levels during the summer months of June and July in several locations across Canada.

Fifty Green
Since August 1, 2008, Staples' free delivery policy has been limited to orders of $50 or more, a decision that has helped reduce the environmental impact of small-order deliveries. To further discourage small order deliveries, Staples charges a $5 processing fee for orders under $50, half of which is donated to Tree Canada, which plants a tree for every small order placed. Tree Canada is a charitable organization that plants and cares for trees in cities and rural areas across the country.

Staples Canada is a proud partner of Bullfrog Power.
The Staples Canada head office, four Copy & Print production centres, its entire flyer printing operations, as well as the Staples Business Advantage head office and its e-commerce web services are bullfrogpowered® with 100% clean, renewable electricity. Staples Canada is among the largest purchasers of green energy through Bullfrog Power in Canada.

Through its partnership with Bullfrog Power, Staples Canada is reducing the environmental impact of its bullfrogpowered business operations, and helping to support the development of green energy projects across Canada. For more information on Bullfrog Power, please visit bullfrogpower.com.

Staples Copy & Print Production Centres are bullfrogpowered with 100% clean, pollution-free electricity!
Staples Canada has been supporting renewable energy Canada through its partnership with Bullfrog Power since April 2013. In July 2014, this partnership was expanded to include Staples Copy & Print Production Centres.

Copy & Print Production Centres located in Burnaby, Mississauga, Laval and Calgary are bullfrogpowered with 100% clean, pollution-free electricity. Bullfrog’s generators inject renewable electricity onto the electricity grid to match the amount of electricity used when producing print orders. By choosing to bullfrogpower these Copy & Print Production Centres, Staples Canada is now reducing the environmental impact of its most energy-intensive copy and print jobs.

This expansion increases the carbon emissions reduction associated with Staples’ support of renewable energy to more than 1,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to the electricity-related carbon emissions of just over 1000 Canadian homes.

Staples’ partnership with Bullfrog Power is an important part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, helping us to reduce our environmental impact and help create a cleaner, healthier world.


Energy and Climate - Staples® Inc.
Staples Inc. continues to reduce energy consumption through conservation and the use of energy efficient technologies. Staples Inc. encourages the expansion of renewable energy through the purchase of renewable energy certificates and the installation of onsite renewable energy technologies.

  • The company purchased more than 124-million kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2008 in the form of renewable energy certificates from certified sources, including wind, biomass, and landfill gas. These purchases account for 20% of its total U.S. electricity requirements, up from 3% in 2003, and represent enough electricity to power more than 11,000 homes annually.
  • Staples Inc. works closely with the World Resources Institute (WRI) on renewable energy development issues as a member of its Green Power Market Development Group, both in the U.S. and Europe. Both groups are composed of large corporations committed to fostering the development of cost-competitive renewable energy for the commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Through the company's relationship with the solar developer, SunEdison, Staples Inc. currently hosts 25 active rooftop solar systems, with many more systems under construction in the U.S. Active Solar systems are expected to generate enough clean electricity to power more than 400 average homes each year.
  • As of October 2009, Staples Inc. was ranked fifth out of the top 20 retail purchasers of "green power" by U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership.

Sustainability Report

Staples Canada is committed to reporting quarterly sustainability achievements. Please click here to view the most current report.