Make Clay Charms
  • A Canadian Toy Testing Council Children's Choice Award winner!
  • Ages 8+
  • 56 pages
Activa Flower Drying Art Silica Gel, 5 lb
  • Get better results than traditional drying methods
  • Drying times will vary by flower type.
  • Plant listings & instructions included.
CTG Easy Style Key Ring, 25mm, Silver, 120/Pack
  • Measurement: measures 25mm (1") in diameter
  • Quantity: total of 120 key rings (12 packs of 10 key rings)
  • Material: made of durable, non-toxic metal
Crayola Creations Sticker Doodle Nail Art
  • Includes 478 nail stickers, 30 press-on nails, instructions
  • The nail design options are endless.
  • Nails are easy to apply and safe to use on your natural nails. No glue needed.
Activa Flower Drying Art Silica Gel, 5 lb, 4/Pack
  • Get better results than traditional drying methods
  • Drying times will vary by flower type.
  • Plant listings & instructions included.
Cool Maker Kumi Kreator 2-in-1
  • Create necklaces and 8 or 12-strand Kumi bracelets for different looks, without a single knot needed!
  • Make up to 5 bracelets and 2 necklaces
  • Includes: 1 Cool Maker 2-in-1 KumiKreator, 60 Spools, 7 Clasps, 14 End Caps, 2 Tassel Charms, 2 Tassel Bases, 2 Clasp Sticker Sheets, 2 Design Booklets, 1 Bracelet Measuring Guide, 1 Playbook
Crayola Back To School Bundle, Grades 3-5
  • Crayola art supplies and activities help children express, create, and connect through colorful play.
  • Crayons are non-toxic and last up to 35-Percent longer
  • Ultra-Clean markers wash easily off skin, clothes, and other surfaces
Crayola Ultimate Light Board
  • Includes the Ultimate Light Board unit and 6 Gel FX Markers
  • Draw and display your art with bright light effects
  • Removable back panel for easy tracing
Fun Science Preschool Chemistry Kit (FI-003)
  • Includes: Flask, funnel, beaker, test-tubes, pipettes, petri dish, wells, filter paper, Colour tablets and Instruction
  • These experiments will allow the preschoolers to use scientific materials properly through pouring and measuring techniques while learning about the three states of matter
  • Scientific skills: Measuring, hand-eye coordination, prediction, observation, fine motor development, drawing conclusions and language development
Roylco Dream Catcher, Ages 4-14 (R-42280)
  • Dream Catcher Kit
  • Assorted shapes and colours
  • 12/Pack
Wamaco Motex Embossing Tape, Neon Assorted, 8 Rolls/Pack (38-1935)
  • Used for various crafts and labeling for scrapbooking, stationary, children's crafts, invitations, and more
  • Easy to peel and attach anywhere you want
  • 9mm
CTG Jumbo Clothes Pin, 6", Wood, 12/Pack
  • Size: each jumbo clothes pin measures 6" in length
  • Quantity: includes 12 pieces
  • Material: made of non toxic MDF, ensures health and safety
CTG Round Adhesive Craft Magnets, 25mm, Black, 240/Pack
  • Versatile: perfect for hobbyists and any type of arts and crafting projects
  • Measurement: each adhesive measures 1" (25mm) in diameter
  • Easy Application: simply peel off the back and place it on the desired spot
Crayola Colour Chemistry Lab Set
  • Instructions for 50 colourful experiments
  • Kit comes with enough supplies to make 16 out of the box experiments
  • Hours of fun and educational
Crayola Inspiration Art Case
  • Tools to fuel your imagination!
  • All-in-one case
  • Includes 140 pieces
Roylco First Look Light Table Kit (R-59260)
  • Explore concepts of light, opacity, shapes, counting, sorting and environment with this array of transparent, translucent and reflective materials
  • Play with transparent, translucent and reflective pictures and shapes
  • Included guide is full of activities and concepts that are all research based and created from national education standards guidelines
Rainbow Foam Sheets, 50/Pack (74759)
  • Foam sheets are sturdier than paper and great for creating a variety of crafts
  • Foam sheets can be incorporated in tons of different crafts and projects in school or at home
  • Add dimension to your crafts, create personalized foam stamps, or simply decorate them as is
Horizon Group USA Coloured Wood Craft Sticks, 75/Pack (63546PDQ)
  • Skip the messy paint and jump right into creating your colour craft
  • Use for building, spreading, mixing and more
  • Craft puzzles, puppets, baskets, frames, and buildings using 6 bright colours