Why you need to start bullet journaling

The idea of the bullet journal is taking the world of organized people (and those, who want to be organized) by storm. Described as the analogue solution to the digital world, bullet journaling as a concept is an incredible way to chronicle your life while working to become more organized.

So why should you start bullet journaling?

It’s a great way to stay organized. The original bullet journal concept was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer from Brooklyn, New York. Ryder developed the idea of the bullet journal through years of trials; it grew over time to become what it is today.

And what is it? Organized, in a nutshell. The bullet journal system is simple: it starts with a notebook and a pen. The four elements of the Rapid Logging system that your bullet journal is built on are topics, page numbers, short sentences and bullets. By taking a few minutes to learn the system, you can begin to categorize your entries and you’re on your way to a simple, smart way of recording your life, what you need to do, and the important things that you want to remember.

By getting into the habit of using your bullet journal regularly, you’re managing your time in a more efficient way. The whole point of the system is to be quick and easy to use; you’re more likely to use a system that doesn’t take a lot of time!

Bullet journals are flexible; while there is a system, there aren’t any rules or limits meaning that you can be as creative as you want to be. In our video guide, you’ll see some fun ways to enhance your journal. While you can get started with just a pen and a notebook, adding sharpies, highlighters, washi tape, sticky notes, or other ways of accenting your journal can be a way to unleash your creativity. Rulers and protractors can also be a great way of adding structure to your entries, keeping them clean and tidy.

We’re a big fan of bullet journaling, and with all the cool things to enhance your bullet journal at Staples it’s not hard to see why. So, pick your notebook and your pen, get started, and see where your bullet journal takes you!

By Staples Canada

March 11, 2021