What Tech Is Right for Your Kids at Each Age?

As our kids learn and grow, they also take on new challenges in school — and they'll need technology that supports their needs at every age and stage. So, how do you know what devices your child needs and when? We can help — here is a guide to getting the right tech for your kids from preschool to high school and beyond.

Start with A Great Tablet

An Apple iPad or iPad Mini is a great option that allows younger kids to get familiar with tech while learning and having fun. There are plenty of educational game options available through the App Store, and you can get a kid-friendly case to protect it when dropped or bumped around. In addition to Apple products, there are plenty of other excellent Android tablet options from brands like Amazon, Samsung and more.


Move Up to A Chromebook

As your child hits the elementary school years, they will likely benefit from having a Chromebook at home. Not only are these devices great for running popular learning programs like DreamBox, Raz-Kids or Google Classroom, they’re more affordable than you might think. Chromebooks are also used by many school boards in Canada, meaning your kids will already be familiar with this technology. And yes, they’re great for surfing the web, playing games and other entertainment, too.


This Acer model with a 14” screen is a great option for young learners. So is this HP Chromebook option with a 14” touchscreen. There are more compact models like this Lenovo Chromebook with a 11.6” screen, or this Lenovo IdeaPad that doubles as a tablet.

Need a case to store your new Chromebook? This preppy yet stylish Strata II Chromebook sleeve will have your kids feeling like a professional. If you’ve got a Chromebook with a bigger screen, go with this starry, stylish option or a bright pink sleeve by Parkland. A lapdesk will allow them to work from anywhere (you might even want one for yourself).


Graduate to A Laptop

Chromebooks are incredible tools for young kids, but high schoolers and post-secondary students will need a great laptop. There are a wide variety of Microsoft OS options including this great ASUS laptop with a 15.6” screen, 8 gigs of ram and an Intel core turbo processor. A Microsoft Surface laptop with a touchscreen and exceptional graphics will appeal to many teens while getting the job done.

If you’re interested in an Apple product, a MacBook Air is a great starting point for any high school student. They come in a variety of sizes and specs, offer great battery life, are long lasting and have all the features your child will need and more. A MacBook Air will also transition well to post-secondary studies. That said, a college or university student in a creative program like graphic design or web development may benefit from investing in a MacBook Pro. It’s also a great choice for students who expect to write a lot of essays (or, want to use their computer for screening movies and television in their dorm room). And if they take good care of it, they may still be using it after university.


Kids grow up fast, but Staples has tech that can help them succeed at every age and stage of their education. Remember, if you need personalized guidance, our in-store team is here to help.


July 22, 2021