Wellness Goals for You at Work

The beauty of a new year is the feeling that comes with having a clean slate laid out before you. You can return from some much-needed self-care and time off over the holidays ready to take on the work that awaits with a new perspective.

And if you’re prioritizing the act of self-care on the regular, this level of motivation and optimism doesn’t have to be reserved New Year’s and New Year’s alone.

By “self-care,” we’re not talking about needing to book yourself a weekly massage (but also, yes please) or juice cleansing to the point where solid foods consume every waking thought. There are small ways to prioritize your mental and physical well-being every day, even when you’re buried under mountains of to-dos at the office.

In fact, the more stressful the environment, the more important it is to allow yourself moments of reprieve, and to make habits out of activities that’ll leave you feeling healthier and your work more productive.

Consider the following wellness goals worth setting for yourself at work.

Drink More Water

While the general rule of thumb suggests we drink eight glasses of water a day, this can vary based on gender, how active you are, and the climate you live in. Regardless, it’s fair to say that most of us probably don’t get enough or are opting for more sugary beverages and one too many LaCroix in its place.

To up your daily water intake, keep a water bottle at your desk with ounces listed on the side for tracking. Use trips to refill as a mini-break from the grind.

Create an Ergonomic Desk Setup

If you’re going to put in eight-plus hours a day at your desk, you better make sure it’s comfortable. Your productivity at work depends on it.

Invest in an ergonomic chair that will support your spine and adjust as needed to your specifications. It might also be time to consider the benefit of a standing desk while you’re at it.

The idea here is to create a space optimized for focus. Because the less time you’re spending distracted by back pain, the more you’ll have to perform your best work.

Make Time for Mindfulness

Our brains weren’t built for endless focus. We can only do so much before our energy starts to tap out and distractions become more appealing. Something that seems amplified with the advent of social media.

Rather than trying to force your mind to pay attention to a task for hours on end, you’ll find more benefit from taking a break. Put mindful practices to work in the form of eating lunch away from your desk or taking daily walks outside to recharge and boost your potential for greater creativity.

Pack a Lunch

Packing your lunch daily may not always be easy but it can prove beneficial for long-term health. Not to mention your wallet. It’s a mindful act that brings more consciousness and control to what you’re eating and the nutrients behind it.

Will there inevitably be days when you opt for that burrito place down the street? Of course. And when that happens, don’t beat yourself up. The goal here is never to be perfect in your attempts as it is to simply give more thought to the small acts that’ll leave you feeling your best at work year-round.

By Staples Canada

January 06, 2020