Use Social Media to Connect with your SMB Clients

Use Social Media to Connect with your SMB Clients

The idea of using social media seems frivolous to some small businesses; spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (among others) can feel like personal time rather than “productive business stuff”. The reality is that while these platforms can be informal and fun, they’re where your audience, clients, and suppliers are spending a lot of time, both at home and at work. Social media and social media marketing are crucial to your success and growth as a small business owner.

The Human Factor

Brands and businesses have discovered that these platforms are an incredible way to humanize themselves; for many, the logo, webpage, and advertisements of a brand can make you seem formal and unapproachable. The simple act of relaxed, direct communication that comes naturally with social media immediately makes you more relatable. Some brands have members of their social media team sign their posts. If you’re in the small business space it may be you or someone else who is public facing creating your posts - don’t be afraid to own them!

Give a little, get a little

More than just brand building, social media is a smart way to build leads and relationships with your clients. The golden rule of social is “pay your user for their time”; we’re all incredibly busy, so if you’re going to ask someone to pay attention to you, you need to give them something worthwhile in return. Two ways you can do that are to educate (teach them something new or offer new insight) or entertain (connect with them emotionally).

When you’ve offered something of value, you can ask for something back. Drive traffic back to your own website or your email list and build those contacts. This is one of the most valuable uses of social media, and can make a big difference in your bottom line at the end of the year if used properly.

Put your best self forward

One of the challenges of being human and personal on social media is the personal attachment you can have to your brand… and the reaction you might have when someone decides that they’re not happy with you or your brand.

Let’s face it: none of us are perfect, and there will both be times when things are going to go wrong, or when people decide to let you know they aren’t happy.

Keep your cool and think professionally; even when someone might not have the most accurate picture of what has happened, it’s best to take the time to try to understand their position and do your best to connect with them in a way that helps de-escalate the situation.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

Social media isn’t a cure-all, and it isn’t frivolous. It’s a marketing tool just like any other, and used the right way it can be a great way to grow your business. Be real, pay your user for their time, and seek to understand your clients and audience, and you’ll find success on social channels.

By Staples Canada

October 30, 2019