Top Gifts for the Entrepreneur

There is no better gift for an entrepreneur than the gift of time. From managing the business, to dealing with clients or customers, to often being their own accounting department, entrepreneurs often wear multiple hats. Here are five gift ideas to help ease their workload and help them see progress with their process.

Tax Software

At tax time, make sure they’re prepared with tax software like Intuit’s TurboTax which can help to automate one of the most stressful times of the year. Available for personal use, as well as for businesses, it has everything they need to spend less time stressing and more time focused on their big vision.

Point of Sale Solutions

If your entrepreneur is just starting out, choosing an easy to use point-of-sale system to get them up and running is key to taking confusion out of commerce. Square offers a portable POS system that can accept both debit and credit cards and is easily integrated into inventory and accounting systems.

Smart Spaces

Whether they are working from home, or in an office/retail/service environment, multitasking is an entrepreneur's middle name. A smart system can act like their own virtual assistant and help them accomplish several tasks at once. Need to find a postal code? Ask the smart system. Forget to turn the lights off in the backroom? Ask the smart system. Need reminders for critical calls? Ask the smart system to keep track of the day’s to-dos.


With tablet technology keeping step with laptops, consider a portable… well… everything, for the entrepreneur on your list. Varying in price point (from the not-yet-released Apple iPad Pro 12.9 to the Amazon Fire) tablets are portable, can operate a whole host of software, and help keep business close at hand while on the go.

Staples Gift Card

Maybe not the most personal of gifts, (but an entrepreneur could argue it might be the most helpful), a gift card from Staples can be used for everything from supplies to services from Solutionshop. The Solutionshop team is equipped to provide support for small businesses looking for marketing, printing and web help so the entrepreneur can spend more time doing what they love, getting down to business.

By Staples Canada

November 16, 2021

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