Top 5 Podcasts for Small Businesses

Looking for something to listen to and help guide you through this time of transition? Wondering if your business can pivot to something seemingly more profitable at least in the short term? Check out our top 5 podcasts for small business and find what you’re after.

Chatter Matters

As one of North America’s thought leaders, marketers, moderators and commentators Tony Chapman hosts an incredibly insightful and educational podcast that welcomes some of the greatest thinkers in business. In a recent episode called “The Future of Work, Reimagined”, Chapman had a chance to talk to Lisa Taylor, owner of the research-based consultancy, Challenge Factory. COVID-19 could turn her whole world upside down, or the experts at Chatter Matters could help her on her path to greatness.

The Brand is Female

Billed as a Strategic Brand Communications agency based in Montreal and Toronto, The Brand is Female also hosts a robust and in-depth podcast series featuring interviews with some of the most successful women in business. The host (and CEO of the company), Eva Hartling, brings her almost 20 years of experience in business (Birks, Telefilm, Rona) to the table asking insightful, challenging and real questions of her subjects. Most recently, The Brand is Female podcast has featured Chantal Pitre, the National Manager, Women Entrepreneurs at TD, The Hon. Mary Ng, Canada's Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, and Carly Stein, the Founder and CEO at Beekeepers' Naturals.

Canada’s Podcast

The team behind Canada’s Podcast saw a need to have a national voice — something that would address the needs, fears and success of entrepreneurs, coast to coast. And that’s just what they did. With offices across the country, Canada’s Podcast brings a nationwide perspective to the table when it comes to small business. Recent episodes have included interviews with Dr. Laura Hambley, a Workplace Psychologist who talks about being an entrepreneur and coping with COVID-19 and Meti Basiri, CMO of ApplyBoard, who discusses how his company has grown during the pandemic.

How I Built This

Looking for inspiration? Check out this NPR podcast series with Guy Raz. Each episode they examine the stories behind some of the best-known companies in the world and look at how innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists have made monumental shifts in business and industry. Currently they are running a Resilience series and recent episodes include “How I built Resilience: Live with Samin Nosrat, Alice Waters and Fanny Singer”, three influential women in food, and “COTOPAXI: Davis Smith”, the story of Smith’s rise (and subsequent fall and rise again) in business and how he can mow give back when the world needs it most.

The Science of Social Media

Ideal for building a social media strategy, learning about the channels and how they help your marketing plan, and perfect for staying ahead (or at least with) the curve, this weekly podcast touches on everything from why Pinterest is still relevant, to how to use social media to your advantage during a time of uncertainty and shift your strategy when something’s not working. Recent 15-minute episodes include “Adapt and Thrive — Social Media to get you Through”, “How to Stay on Top of an Ever-Changing Industry” and “Social Media Management During Times of Crisis”.

By Staples Canada

May 19, 2020

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