Tips for a Morning Wellness Routine Your Teen Will Love and Stick To!

Teens often get a bad rap, but we know they deserve better. Today’s teenagers are hardworking students, activists, employees and community members who are ready to stand up and change the world. They might make some mistakes along the way, but it’s all part of discovering who they are. A great morning routine can help them thrive while doing things their own way.

Teens are notorious for not getting enough sleep or proper nutrition, and their self-care skills may be less than ideal. Parents can support their teenagers by helping them develop simple, achievable wellness routines at home. Instead of pushing your teens to behave in certain ways, take a step back while empowering them to make healthy choices. Teens often respond more positively when they feel like they’re in charge — and this will set them up for a healthy, happy lifestyle when they move onto independent living in college or university.

Breakfast — but make it ‘to go’

Breakfast is often overlooked on busy days, but it should be part of every morning routine. Even when your teens are learning online from their own bedroom, it’s easy for them to skip a healthy meal in favour of coffee (or nothing at all). Encourage them to start their day off right by focussing on foods that are delicious and portable. Try overnight oats in a mason jar, homemade chia pudding in a small snack thermos, or no-bake energy bites made with ingredients like rolled oats, nut butter, shredded coconut and honey. If it’s fast, easy and a bit trendy, your teens are more likely to stick with this healthy morning routine.

Make a hydration station

While breakfast is important, it’s just the beginning. Encourage your teen to carry a refillable water bottle in their backpack or purse to help them stay hydrated throughout the day (they can also keep one on their desk at home). Not a little kid’s water bottle — a high quality, modern design like this one from S’well will help them express their style. Or, consider a durable, BPA-free bottle by Gry Mattr with markings that will encourage your teen to meet their hydration goals.

Encourage better sleep habits with a fitness tracker

Smart as they are, many teens underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. To help set your kids on the right path, consider getting them a fitness device that measures sleep length and quality. Instead of repeatedly telling them to go to bed earlier, let them monitor their own sleep habits, empowering them to make smart decisions for their own health and success. A small sound machine to block out unwanted noise and create a calm, consistent sleep environment may also help (these are great in dorm rooms, too). Basically, you want to give them the tools they need while letting them think that getting more sleep is their idea. (Shhh...we won’t tell.)

Self-care done their own way

There are plenty of simple self-care habits that teens can incorporate into their morning routine — the secret is finding what works for them. It may be using an app to practice a five-minute meditation before school, or a quick skincare routine that helps wake them up and signals the start of their day. Maybe they’ll feel good about a morning run or online yoga class, or perhaps it’s as simple as making a cup of herbal tea before heading out the door (we’ve got great thermoses for that).

More organized, less stressed

Your teen’s self-care practices might also involve organizational systems that reduce stress, like using a digital calendar on their tablet or smartphone as part of their morning routine. If they prefer old-school visual cues, a handy student calendar will help them keep track of schedules and deadlines.

Developing consistent wellness habits doesn’t happen overnight, so give your teenagers time for trial and error while offering support. Don’t push them — instead, model these behaviours yourself and make healthy living easy by giving them the tools they need to succeed. If you can do it — so can your teens.

By Staples Canada

May 28, 2021