The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Holiday Gifts for Coworkers

Gift giving at work can sometimes be stressful, especially if you don’t know what your colleagues will really love. We’ve pulled together a list with options for everyone — from boss to bestie — without breaking the bank.

For the Organizer

It may not seem like much, but to someone who loves to have everything in its right place, an easy and efficient way to keep their workspace tidy is a sublime solution. The Poppin line of desk accessories has everything to suit their needs, from playful cable catchers, to desk organizers, file sorters and more.

For the List Maker

Committed list makers prefer old-school pen and paper to keep them on top of tasks which is why classic Moleskine notebooks used by the greats, (think Hemingway and van Gogh,) are the obvious choice.

For the Organic Thinker

A digital voice recorder can change the life of your organic thinker. They can record their thoughts on-the-go from meeting to meeting, and capture all of their genius no matter where they are. It’s something they’ll never leave their desk without.

For the Sustainability Supporter

Hot meals are where it’s at on those chilly winter days. And for your co-worker that eschews takeaway, a reusable, double-walled food container that also looks great is the perfect present.

For the Coffee Connoisseur

Quick, easy and compact are three key ingredients to an outstanding personal coffeemaker. The AeroPress is small enough to tuck into a desk drawer, and easy enough to use to be office appropriate for the best brew.

For the Early Riser

The early riser not only gets the proverbial worm, but also sees the brilliance of a sunrise morning after morning. Encourage them to capture and share the moment analog-style with an instant camera. Also great for recording office hijinks, offline!

For the Night Owl

Hand-eye coordination may not be at its best during late-night work sessions. To protect their workspace from that 4,000,000th cup of caffeine, gift them these cool coasters - ideal for any decor and those small spills that could ruin all their hard work.

By Staples Canada

November 16, 2021