The Impact of Comfort on Productivity

In a state of comfort, we’re simply less distracted. For example, think about what you’re most focused on that first day back in the office post-holiday season. Is it everything on your to-do list or the tightness of your waistband digging in as a result of excess cookies, candies, and carbs? This same question could be posed in relation to back and neck strain that results from poor posture. When we feel physical discomfort, it’s hard to focus on what’s in front of us—let alone get work done efficiently.

Computers Aren’t Ergonomic by Design

Think about how many hours you spend in front of a screen. If you’re anything like the average adult, the answer is likely upwards of 11 hours. That’s 11 hours spent hunched over a computer. Or with your neck bent forward staring down at a phone. Text neck is all too real. Screens and computers weren’t built with ergometry in mind. They’re number one goal is to keep our eyes glued and fingers tapping—both of which they do extremely well.

Adjustable Workstations, Chair Support, and Mobility Are Key

Unfortunately, while their effectiveness at engagement is great news for tech companies, it’s a hit to our bodies. Over time, the hours, days, and years spent out of alignment add up to cause a wide array of potential health problems (e.g. migraines, vertigo, anxiety, and loss of vision—to name a few). Enter chronic neck and back pain. When your body regularly takes the shape of a question mark, it’s no wonder that tension builds up. This is counter to good posture, which allows the spine to align and distribute weight evenly in support of the body. Rather than overloading one particular area. If you can’t get rid of the computer, you need to make it more adaptable. This is where comfort in the workplace comes into play. Think less fluffy couch and more ergonomic office chairs with lumbar support. Or a sit-to-stand adjustable height desk. Tools that work with your body eliminate the potential distractions at play in your mind. And the right chair and desk can make a huge difference in your working environment when you’re focused on what your body needs most: support and mobility. Make the investment and your quality of work will thank you.

By Staples Canada

November 13, 2019