The Entrepreneurs Guide to Reaching Goals More Efficiently Using a Notebook

In a world where we are always looking for the newest exciting tool to keep us productive, organized and on-task, there is one tool that has stood the test of time. This aid offers no fancy features, comes with no subscription cost, and is accessible to all: A notebook.

Though often overlooked and dismissed due to its non-digital features, this tool holds a fascinating advantage, allowing its user the ability to be 42%* more likely to reach their goals. This productivity hack is achieved by merely writing down your goals on paper.

Unlike digital tools, you cannot erase and pretend that a task never happened as it is written in ink. You may choose to cross the task out, but you will always be able to see that the intention to complete a task was there.

However, using a notebook by itself is not sufficient. What happens to a task if it does not get completed when intended? How does the user locate a non-completed task once the page is turned to the next? Can a notebook truly give you back precious time and energy?

Luckily the Kickstarter Journal system has been designed to turn your notebook into a productivity engine. This easy-to-learn system can be applied to any notebook with positive outcomes such as:

·      Increased productivity and goal completion rates

·      Greater focus and task delegation

·      Ensure non-completed tasks are never forgotten

This productivity system holds six essential sections that work in perfect harmony on the principle that a task is always moved when not completed.

The Kickstarter Journal system contains a:

1.     Table of Contents – Ensures notes are always found when required

2.     Key Legend – A series of symbols that teaches the user how to ‘move’ content

3.     Future Planner – Allows the user to plan their future and relocate task not yet due

4.     Monthly Planner – Provides a retrospective of the previous month, a plan for the upcoming month with goals and a due-date calendar.

5.     Weekly Kickstarter – Nicknamed the ‘overwhelm eliminator’ because it’s a page where the user can break down goals into daily achievable tasks. 

6.     Daily Page – A place to store your appointments, daily tasks, thoughts and ideas.

Notebook Planning

These six sections are the foundation of the Kickstarter Journal system, and on January 26th, at 11 AM EST, you will have the opportunity to learn this system hands-on via a Staples Spotlight event (Sign-up HERE). This 1-hour free webinar will teach you everything you need to know to start using the system immediately, yielding greater productivity and goal completion every day.

About the author:

Winnie Standish is a strategic business coach who has built multiple successful companies in her 12-year-long entrepreneurial career. Most recently she was the CEO & Co-founder of a multi-location recreational company in Toronto, Ontario. Today Winnie is passionately working directly with entrepreneurs and small business owners in order to help them grow their businesses via strategic systems, hands-on-support and mentoring. Learn more about Winnie here:


IG/FB/LI @winnie.standish

*Reference: 2015 study conducted by Dr Gail Matthews, Dominican University

By Winnie Standish

January 20, 2021

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