Thank you for everything, teachers!

Another school year is coming to an end and while parents may be experiencing a wide range of emotions, one feeling is likely shared: a deep and genuine gratitude for the teachers who gave their children a safe, happy place to learn and grow. As we say goodbye to this school year and get ready to enjoy summer break, let’s take a moment to thank the educators who helped us get here. Here are three reasons to celebrate the dedicated, hardworking teachers in our communities.

You turned challenges into opportunities

Each school year presents new challenges but throughout the pandemic, educators have had more than their fair share. There were new routines and uncertainties, changing rules and recommendations, anxious kids and parents to support, and learning curves that were tough for kids and adults alike. Thank you, teachers, for rising to the occasion and turning so many obstacles into opportunities. You tried new things, took lessons outside and adapted over and over again. You mastered (even more) technology in order to teach under any circumstance, and no matter how tough things got, you never gave up. We know it wasn’t always easy, but we see you and we appreciate you—please remember to take care of your own needs this summer and always. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and you deserve rest and care, too.

You made learning fun

School is about gaining knowledge and learning social skills, but a great teacher will also make it fun. Thank you to the incredible educators who brought their A-game to the classroom each and every day. We appreciate your enthusiasm, your positive attitudes and your innovative approach to education. These qualities made all the difference in our kids’ academic experiences this past year! You got creative, you helped kids catch up after learning loss, and you gamified lesson plans to improve student engagement. One day, your students will grow up and look back on those lessons fondly—those times they had so much fun, they didn’t even realize how much they were learning. That’s something to be proud of.

You provided consistency and support

Even in the best of times, kids rely on teachers to provide a safe, consistent, supportive daily environment. More than educators, they’re confidantes, nurturers and role models. A great teacher can make a lasting impact on a child, and an amazing teacher can truly change their life for the better. Thank you to all the teachers that put their students first, demonstrated empathy and taught from the heart. We see the difference you’re making in the classroom and subsequently, in the world. If this sounds like an educator in your life, please send them this post to show them how much you value their hard work and dedication—we bet it will make their day. And to every teacher: have a great summer!

By Staples Canada

May 31, 2022