Support local from coast-to-coast this Canada Day

Long before COVID-19 had us rallying around our local businesses and doing our part to keep our communities afloat financially, the call to shop Canadian was getting louder and louder. But since the beginning of March, it has become more than important than ever to support our local, Canadian businesses.

Manufacturing (everything from wood panelling, to paper, to household products and oil) accounts for $174 billion dollars of Canada’s GDP. And during the years of convenience-driven consuming, it’s contribution to the overall economic health of the country has waned as we outweigh cost versus quality driven. But with a renewed commitment to community and the health of the country, Canadians are committed to supporting local and looking for “Made in Canada”.

To celebrate Canada Day, we take a look at some of heavy hitters — big companies with big hearts.


Founded in 1917, Blueline has been providing your accountant, shopkeeper and teacher with the tools to keep everything running smoothly. They have also been committing to community and putting their money where it counts. Canadian Breast Cancer and Canadian Cancer Society are the charities that they choose to invest in having donated over $1million dollars.


Domtar Paper’s Windsor Mill in Windsor Quebec was established in 1864 and is the last fully integrated fine paper mill in Canada. The mill supports more than 900 local pulp and paper manufacturing jobs, and has an estimated annual regional economic impact of $2 billion. It manages 400,000 acres of forestland in the region surrounding the mill and is known for its innovative approach to sustainability. The mill also shares its forests with several fishing, hunting and hiking clubs and contributes to the economy by leasing property and trees for maple syrup production. Through ecological donations totaling more than 12,000 acres, Domtar and the Windsor Mill have helped preserve some of Quebec’s most prized forestlands, ensuring these unique ecosystems remain unspoiled for future generations.


There is something satisfying about having a place for everything and everything having a place. And likely without knowing it, you have already breathed a sigh of organizational relief thanks to something Storex has manufactured. Based in Quebec (where a lot of Made in Canada manufacturing is done), this family-run business has been in operation for over 20 years. Storex provides functional and stylish containers for filing, supplies and waste for offices, classrooms and your home.


Committed to community, Geocan has been collaborating with other Canadian companies since its inception in 1977. In the late 90s they began a partnership with athletic gear company Louis Garneau. Providing everything from backpacks to notebooks, they’ve remained part of Canadian landscape since they started!

So, no matter if you’re an individual or a big company, now’s the time to step into community and celebrate Canada.

By Staples Canada

June 26, 2020