Space Saver Must-Haves for Small Home Offices

Not everyone who works from home has the luxury of a dedicated room for a workspace. If your home office looks more like a corner than a room, stock up on some of these space-saving solutions.

Multi-Use Furniture and Storage

With every home office comes the need for furniture: a desk, seating, lighting, and storage. But with small spaces also comes the need to be creative.

When you’re short on square footage, opt for furniture that’s both compact and multi-purpose. The Simply Rolling Cart, for example, is the perfect office companion for storing supplies. Beyond that though, the cart is versatile—available in three colors and easy to transport throughout the house for use in stashing kid’s books or pantry snack staples.

From a productivity standpoint, never underestimate the importance of quality lighting. The multi-purpose Wood and White Lamp from General Supply Goods + Co will adapt to just about any space with its perfect balance of form and function, wireless charging, and USB options.

Ergo Accessories to Fit Your Current Environment

If your home office is also a dining room, you may be working with what you’ve got when it comes to furniture. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on comfort.

Lumbar cushions are a great add-on to anyone in need of extra support during those long, sedentary home office hours. Simply tighten it around your chair to ensure you’re getting the right support and you’ll be kept comfortable all workday long.

Alternatively, you can ditch the “sitting” part altogether. For a truly compact solution, the Ergotron LearnFit Sit-Stand Desk not only fits in any corner of your home but will also adjust heights so you can easily switch between sitting and standing as needed.

Double-Duty Whiteboards

The key to space-saving is making things in your home office serve double duty—like the Quartet® Magnetic Dry-Erase Board. Write notes, reminders or brainstorm ideas in one, highly visible place.

By hanging a whiteboard in your workspace, you also differentiate the workspace from home space. Reviewers like the duality of the Quartet for writing notes, or hanging ideas, and because it’s easy to install, they can put it practically anywhere.

All-In-One Printers

Printing is a necessity in business, even in today’s digital workforce. Inevitably you’ll need to print out a presentation, a contract, or scan and fax tax forms to your accountant.

To save space in your home office, an all-in-one printer is a great solution. Staples customers love wireless solutions like the HP Office Jet Pro because of their flexibility. You can store and use it anywhere throughout the home, regardless of how far it is from your work computer.

Just because you don’t have a lot of space, doesn’t mean that, with a few great space savers, you can’t have a home office that works for you.

By Andrew Patricio

April 08, 2021