Social Media Strategies that Really Work

While they may not be the answer to all your business problems, social media strategies that work right now can play a huge part in helping you stay connected to your clients and customers.

It is possible, even during the worst of circumstances, to build your email list from zero to 100,000, or to take an Instagram account from 100 people to 100 million people. During the pandemic, John Krasinski launched a YouTube series called Some Good News that’s growing. It is possible to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with consumers and create content that’s relevant and that matters.

So, have you thought about how this relates to your business?

Kelsey Reidl, an online marketing and social media coach with over 10 years’ experience, shares the best ways you can make any situation, work for you.

Crisis Management

“Given what we’re experiencing in the world (COVID-19, but this applies to any crisis or market disruption), you need to have some kind of crisis messaging. This highlights what you have to offer and helps people navigate through the madness.

Maybe you were a company that made energy bars, but you can’t be selling the bars because you can’t be demoing them at the health food store like you used to. So, the shift might be to hop on your social and teach people how to make those energy bars from home. Or maybe you deliver a home-based kit.

Don’t worry. When we shift out of this time, people will go back to buying your previous service or whatever new iteration you may have created in the meantime. But right now, things are different."

Point of Difference

“People don’t have to pay attention to your brand and business, so the only way to get them to care is to be different and to have some sort of talkable or shareable piece of content. John Krasinski’s Some Good News YouTube series is a perfect example. It was an overnight success. But why did it work?

Well, traditional media was sharing the nail-biting, crisis and panic perspective, and nobody was sharing the good news. He did something different and set himself apart. Right now, it’s important to be different. Make up your own thing. Create a new category. And, if it doesn’t work out, no worries. No one is going to blame you, just try to find that way to be different, because if you’re not, your customers have already tuned you out.”

Give it Away

“People pay attention to free stuff, especially when it is something they want or need. We don’t care about our wants so we’re budgeting down to our needs. And what are they? Safety, security, love, leadership, toilet paper, food. So, if you can help by offering any of this, then you’ve got yourself a giveaway. I know a gym that I love did a toilet paper giveaway. A supplement company recently did an immune boosting giveaway, which is clearly top of mind for people. A therapist did a talk it out session for people who were alone anxious and isolated.

They not only provided good to the world, but they also increased their engagement. The giveaway is not enough, and to continue to soar, you need to produce awesome content. Content that’s different, shareable and you’ve got yourself a winning social strategy.”

Partner Up

“To boost your social strategy for free, or super low cost, take advantage of partnerships. I always say, partnerships for the win — if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.

Partner with someone, another company or brand. They are the best way to grow your business at any time. You get to tap into someone’s preexisting audience and share your message with their community. They have done the work to build up this hub of people, and you can come in and share something that’s going to enlighten their audience. That is the magic of a partnership.

You could partner with others in your industry. You could partner with someone who does the total opposite of you but shares your target audience. If you’re product based, partner with a service, or vice versa. Just make sure it’s something your audience cares about.

Maybe you ask to be on someone’s podcast or invite others on yours. Ask to write on someone’s blog. The partnerships are what’s going to accelerate your business, not only now, but anytime.”

Interested in learning more? Find Kelsey on Instagram, @kelseyreidl.

By Staples Canada

April 06, 2020