Should Your Business Consider Rebranding?

Little-known fact: Google was originally named Backrub.

While we’re not sure how quickly the phrase, “let me Backrub that for you,” would’ve caught on, it does raise the importance of good branding, and  why it can make or break a growing company.

It may take some time)to craft an image that sticks; in Google’s case, it took two years to create the brand we now know as the colourful search engine behemoth. (Business-building, after all, comes with a long list of competing priorities). But if you identify with one or all of the points below, now might be the perfect time to consider rebranding.

Your Image is Not Cohesive

Conduct an audit of your visual brand presence online. What do you see: Outdated copy on your website’s About Me page? Different logo stylings across social profiles? Miscellaneous colours and fonts?

A brand should make your company easily recognizable to customers. Take the time to build consistency across your marketing assets and develop brand standards that can be easily referenced by new hires and third-party creative agencies.

You Look Similar to the Competition

Developing a recognizable brand also requires you to think outside of the competition. Sharing a similar name or logo as a competitor only makes your job of acquiring new customers that much more difficult.

Take SEO marketing, for example. Don’t set yourself up to compete in rank for a similar brand name when you’re likely already competing for similar product/service keywords and phrases.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of starting from scratch, our experienced graphic designers can help guide you from concept to a long-lasting custom logo design.

Your Business Model Has Shifted

This past year has forced many businesses to reimagine themselves in a pandemic-operating world. In addition to how you visually represent your business, define the mission and values that guide you forward.

These should be the pillars of your brand reflected in the experience you create for customers across every touchpoint. And the company culture you uphold as new hires are onboarded and teams grow.

If you’re unsure what your company stands for, use rebranding as an opportunity to dig deep on motivations. What motivates your team to work for you and what motivates customers to buy from you?

You Define Branding as “Just a Logo”

A good brand is more than just a logo. It’s a symbol of reputation, experience, and recognition relative to every other product or service that exists in your market. In other words, your logo is only one piece of the much larger puzzle.

For all of the left-brain thinkers out there, seeing beyond the logo may be a big ask. This is why the Staples Solutionshop is happy to meet business owners where they’re at with customizable brand development packages. Tap into the creativity and intuition of our experts to reimagine what your brand could and should be.

By Staples Canada

September 24, 2021