Printable Valentines for Your Favourite Coworkers

Remember how much fun it was to get Valentine cards, back in grade school? Remember cutting out Valentines, choosing the perfect ones for your friends, and stuffing them into envelopes with your school chum’s names on them?

Valentine’s Day in the office can be as much fun as it used to be in the days when you took milk breaks instead of coffee breaks.  Sure, things have changed slightly, but in an effort to liven up the office this Valentine’s Day, we’ve put together a sheet of fun and funny office-appropriate Valentines to share with your co-workers (and yes, even your boss) this February 14th.

With nine different designs to choose from, simply print out our office Valentines PDF on 8.5” x 11” paper, cut them out, and give them to co-workers. (Bonus points if you pair them with some candy Conversation Hearts or chocolates!)

From Valentine’s Day cards for your office bestie…

office bromance office valentineyou totally get me office valentineI love that you don't judge me office valentine

… to cards for your work-wife or work-husband who shares your sense of humour (and their snacks) …

I’d share my 2 pm chocolate stash with you office valentineI love the way you say coffee office valentine I’d give my left monitor for you office valentine

… there’s a little something for everyone in the office this Valentine’s Day. We’re sure your office manager won’t mind that you’ve used company resources to bring smiles to your colleagues’ faces.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Staples!

By Staples Canada

February 05, 2016