Moving On: 5 Ways to Level up Your Workspace in Your New Place

Moving can be stressful but there are simple ways to make sure the big day runs right and turns it into something to look forward to. First, have the right supplies on-hand (think: boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, a mattress bag to protect your bed, and Sharpies so you can label your boxes). And then, let the fun begin — kit out your new digs, starting with your workspace no matter where it is — whether it’s a home office, dorm room or in a living room!

Here are five things you can easily upgrade to turn your workspace into efficiency central.

1. Filing cabinet

Now that you’ve taken the time to purge your papers down to the essentials, give them a home they deserve. This Poppin Stow 3-Drawer File Cabinet fits easily under a desk or table and is equipped with a lock to help keep your personal information secure.

2. Floor protector

Nothing’s worse than moving into a shiny, new home only to discover that one month in, you’ve done some damage to your hardwood floors while working at your desk. Start out smart with the Staples Traditional Hard-Floor Chair Mat. The transparent material ensures it matches any décor and can be kept clean with a damp rag and a little elbow grease.

3. Bulletin board

Resist the urge to tape or pin schedules, notes and inspiration directly onto your pristine walls by investing in a bulletin board like the U Brands Cork Bulletin Board. Rest it on your desk and lean it against the wall for a more informal feel.

4. Desk organizer

Stay organized with the TRU RED 6-Compartment Plastic Desktop Organizer. It’s compact enough for a small work surface, but has enough utility to give you a place for everything. And at under $20, it’s a win-win!

5. Smart Home hub

Setting up a new home is the perfect time to invest in tech that can help your life run smoother. From connecting your speakers throughout your living space, to seeing when a package is being delivered, to pumping up your Wi-Fi connection in every room, the Google Nest Hub Gen 2 is the answer to smart living.

When it comes to the big moving day, always shop early for your supplies so you have everything on hand when needed. And with Staples next-day shipping, your new Work From Anywhere tools will be ready to work when you are.

By Staples Canada

June 18, 2021