Moving into the right mindset for Moving Day

Moving this summer or know anyone who is? Let’s face it: the idea of moving into a new home can be super exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t packed up all of your belongings in a while. But with the right advance prep and some solid strategic thinking, you can a little sweat less and celebrate a bit more.

Whether you’re moving into a new home, apartment or dorm room, get started with our top five tips to kick off your Moving Day planning:

Start early

To make your move as smooth as possible, start several weeks in advance, and begin by purging rarely used or obsolete items. Give yourself enough time to get organized, and allow some extra time for unforeseen delays.

Don’t just make one list… make many

Some questions to ask and take note of: Which items will you donate? Do you have anything worth selling? What pieces are going to relatives or your friend who accepts everything? And what’s slated for the annual dump run? Take proper inventory of everything and make separate lists for each of these categories. And don’t forget the list of moving essentials – from moving rentals to packing supplies and, you guessed it, cleaning supplies and food. Take five minutes to start each list now and then go back to them weekly at first, and then daily. It takes a little time, but you’ll find it all worthwhile during crunch time or when you’re faced with important purchasing or moving decisions. Buy a little more (packing and moving supplies) than you need – and buy early Invest in the right supplies to make your move as smooth as possible. Must-have moving essentials include: boxes, tape guns, labelers, small or large plastic containers, and bubble wrap or straps for heavier items. To prepare for your essentials, find yourself a solid checklist like this one.

Clean as you clear

Cleaning as you pack may seem tedious, but it will help speed up your move in the long run. Plus, it makes things more enjoyable – especially when you’re settling into your new home.

Eliminate electronic waste

Old electronic devices such as computers, phones, printers and chargers can pile up over time and leave you all tangled up. Take your time to dispose of them properly – or bring them to a recycling site, like your local Staples/Bureau en Gros store. A list of items accepted for recycling at Staples/Bureau en Gros can be found here. That leaves us with one last tip: Be sure to browse and shop early to make sure you’re well-stocked with supplies ahead of your move. Once it’s all over, you can relax and get settled into your new home at your own pace. Make this a smooth move but more importantly, build for yourself a new home environment that makes it all worthwhile.

By Michelle Janzso

May 19, 2021

Staples Canada