Meet the Winners of the "This is How I Grow My Business" Contest

Announcing the winners of the "This is How I Grow My Business" Contest.  Winners will receive in person mentorship from Joe Mimran, as well as $20,000 worth of technology from and Solutionshop services. Congratulations to Happipad from Kelowna, British Columbia, SenseTech Solutions from Toronto, Ontario and Animora from Quebec City, Quebec. These three winners were selected from over 1,100 inspiring entries from across Canada.


Happipad Technologies Inc. of Kelowna, British Columbia

Happipad Technologies Inc. provides a service that matches hosts with spare rooms to guests seeking fixed-term affordable rental accommodations. Happipad's main goal is to provide a beneficial experience to both parties involved; hosts have the ability to earn extra income, while guests, typically students, save on rent. With an emphasis on compatibility, Happipad has developed proprietary techniques to help hosts and guests find the right person to live with. Happipad is currently serving hundreds of clients in B.C. communities including Kelowna, Victoria, Kamloops, and Prince George. The company is co-founded by Cailan Libby and Kenneth Chau, who set out to tackle real world problems, like social isolation, housing and sustainability.


SenseTech Solutions of Toronto, Ontario

SenseTech Solutions develops accessible Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality simulations for individuals with disabilities. They design and create realistic simulations that replicate environments for those in need of rehabilitation and training. They also create simulations that act as a disability awareness outreach tool that articulates a charities vision to their local community. Their goal is to provide solutions and deliver an accessible, unique and cutting-edge VR experience that fits their client's specific needs.

The SenseTech Solutions team is comprised of four recent engineering graduates, Ali Raza Syed, Rui Amoah, Robert Ingino and Rijul Aggarwal. These young entrepreneurs value research and development as a key driver while diving into the culture of their clients. This allows them to fully understand pain points and makes client feedback the key ingredient in the completed product.

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Animora of Quebec City, Quebec

Animora was founded in 2018 with a simple objective; to improve the health and welfare of pets by offering innovative products in animal health. Using their combined knowledge in dental medicine, animal health, microbiology, biochemistry and pharmacy, Andree-Ann Adam and Jean-Philippe Côté started creating quality health products for pets. Their first product on the market, a cranberry dental gel, is an innovative solution that prevents plaque, tartar, bad breath and reduces gum inflammation for your furry friends.

They have big plans to expand throughout Canada, Europe and the United States because they believe that the more accessible their product, the more pet owners around the world will have the proper tools to take care of their pet's dental health. 

By Staples Canada

October 17, 2019