Marvelous Maple Leaf Craft

In making this craft, kids explore science, texture, and Canada while building fine motor skills and imaginations. Paint the town red with these rippled maple leaves.

What you need:

-      Crayons

-      Paint

-      Paint Brush

-      Construction Paper

-      Scissors

-      Cardboard

-      Recycled Material

Step 1

Go on a walk with an adult to gather a maple leaf. Wash your hands afterwards. If maples do not grow in your area, find a picture in a book, or use your hand as a pattern.

Step 2

Place your leaf on white paper. Trace around it with a Crayola Washable Crayon. Cut out the paper leaf with Crayola Scissors.

Step 3

Peel off the top paper layer of corrugated cardboard to reveal the ridges.

Step 4

Place the cardboard on recycled newspaper. Paint it with red Crayola Washable Kid's Paint and a Crayola So Big Brush.

Step 5

While the cardboard is still wet, press your leaf on it, face down. Rub gently. The ridges will produce patterns and textures similar to the vein patterns in real maple leaves. Dry.

Step 6

Use your maple leaf to create a replica of a Canadian flag or as decoration. Look up information about Canada or maple trees in reference books or on the Internet.

By Crayola

June 26, 2020