Making the most out of your locker

It's that time again: a new year, new classmates and, of course, a new locker! Back-to-school is filled with new beginnings and many opportunities to start fresh. As a student, your locker is your very own space at school where you can organize and decorate the way you want. There are certain ways to make this space your own and use it as a tool to help you succeed.

Organization is key when trying to make the most out of your locker. Space is limited, so it's important to keep things in order to avoid clutter and keep things handy so that you can find them easily. Maximizing locker storage is essential when having to fit text books and projects, sports equipment, winter jacket and shoes, as well as personal items into a small space. Using an extra shelf, like the Locker Gear Shelf with Extendable Legs from Staples, makes a big difference and helps with organization.

Lockers are mostly for storage, but if they are not properly taken care, it can get overwhelming and stressful. No one wants to swing open their locker door and have everything spill out. It can make you late for class, miss a deadline or turn your day sour. Making small changes can make a big difference.

Students spend the majority of their time at school and there are not many places they can call their own during the day. Having a locker that is just theirs that can be personalized is important in creating a feeling of familiarity, and can help when having a stressful day. Decorating the inside of a locker with fun, colourful wallpaper will encourage a positive attitude. Adding a magnetic dry erase board is a fun way to write messages and reminders. has an answer to every locker question and can provide suggestions on how to make the most out of your space.

It's the little details that matter the most and that make the biggest difference when learning how to take care of your own space. Having the necessary tools to stay organized and personalizing your space to your taste can make the difference from having a good year to having a great year.

By Michelle Janzso

August 11, 2016

Staples Canada