Let’s Work, Learn and Grow, Together

The wonderful world of work. Record keeping and filing goes back a long way. Over the years, tools have improved, offices have grown and machines have appeared to make things easier.

Typewriters have become computers, files have become data, and offices have started sprouting up at coffee shops and kitchen tables across the country. The internet has taken access, affordability and connection to a whole new level.

After almost three decades in business, Staples Canada is ready to embrace all that’s new. The changing nature of entrepreneurship, creativity, working, learning and growing is happening everywhere you look and it has inspired us to focus on your ever-evolving needs.

We’re transforming Staples Canada to the Working and Learning Company – a company that’s committed to being a dynamic, inspiring partner for all our customers. That means staying true to the company that you’ve come to rely on for all your small business and educational needs, while adapting and growing to serve you better. You’ll see growth in our product offerings and expansion in the services you already know and love us for. We’re taking everything we do for you, our customers, to the next level.

To officially mark this new day for Staples Canada, we’re sharing with you, a new identity, a new dynamic, future-focused brand. Our new brand identity starts with the logo you see below. We unfolded the ’staple’ from the current branding and introduced another staple to create a new icon that reflects the collaboration between you, our customers, and the 10,000 associates at our 300+ locations across the country. This symbol represents our desire to be your committed resource and sounding board, supporting your success and seeing you thrive.


Welcome to the new world of work. Welcome to the new Staples Canada. In the coming months, you’ll see this exciting vision come to life in your community.

We’re on a mission to inspire, and to do that we want to hear from you, our customers, on how we can be a better partner. Tell us what you see today and what you’d like to see us become by commenting below. What do you need from us to work, learn and grow? How do you see the new Staples Canada?

Let us inspire you.

We look forward to working, learning and growing with you.

By Staples

November 01, 2018