Labelling Ideas to Make the Holidays Special

There’s no denying this year’s holiday celebrations will be much different than years gone by! That’s why it’s more important than ever to find unique ways to create a festive season to remember. Whether you’re sending gifts to loved ones across the country, adding personal touches to handmade cards or making decorations, whatever your holiday needs may be, Brother’s got the label makers, decorative ribbons and tapes that’ll help you leave a lasting mark of your good cheer.

Creating custom labels and ribbons can be a great way to make a gift extra special. To create your custom labels and ribbons, a great tool to use is a label maker, like Brother’s PTP300BTAD P-touch CUBE label maker. Known and loved for its easy-to-use features, loads of fonts, symbols, frames and patterns, this compact, smartphone/tabet dedicated label maker is ideal for all kinds of creative work including gift-wrapping, party favours, craft projects, organization…the list goes on! Featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, use it with Brother’s Design&Print app to create endless label designs.

Giftwrapping and customized cards

Make your gifts stand out from the rest by adding personal touches to every present, stocking stuffer, baked good and greeting card you give this year. Use the Design&Print app with Brother’s patterned tapes and decorative satin ribbons to open a world of one-of-a-kind embellishment opportunities. The app features tons of pre-designed templates perfect for adding special touches to gifts including gift tags, wine bottle wraps, cookie packaging and so much more! 

Just add your imagination! And when it comes time to mail your holiday packages and cards, it’s a snap to print on die-cut address labels available in a variety of standard sizes.

Holiday crafting

You’ll be spending a lot more time at home this season so why not do everything you can to make your space as cozy and festive as can be. Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon with the kids? Use labels and ribbons to personalize holiday crafts like Christmas tree ornaments or customized stockings. These are the types of family keepsakes that will evoke warm memories year after year.

Virtual holiday craft fairs and year-round online shops

It’s too bad that most annual holiday craft fairs are cancelled this year. If you’re the entrepreneurial type who usually takes your handmade wares to these fairs, you’re probably looking for new ways to sell your products. Not only can Brother labelling solutions help you create unique artisanal items, they can also help you ship them out from your online shop. Personalize to your heart’s content and then print mailing labels that match your exact specifications and get your products to your customers in style.

Create a memory book

One of the toughest things about this year’s holiday season is that we’ll all be missing out on our usual large family gatherings. One way to help bring people together in a safe way is to send a memory book to loved ones near and far so they can feel close to family members without being physically present. A photo book with labelled captions and customized ribbon accents can help spread comfort and joy during the holidays and beyond.

Food labelling

Even if your holiday table can only be set for your immediate family, make it feel extra special by identifying each dish with a labelled buffet-style tent card and each place setting with customized seating cards. Or if you like to give gifts of food, why not make some of your signature jams and jellies or put together jars with dry soup ingredients or cookie mixes? Add a custom printed label or ribbon for a personalized touch. And because TZe tapes are resistant to water, temperature, fading, abrasion and chemicals, you can even label leftovers in your fridge or pantry.

We hope that these tips and tricks will help you and your family make the most of your celebrations. Fingers crossed that things will be back to normal soon. Until then, wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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By Brother

November 12, 2020