Cold and Flu Season Must-Haves to Stay Safe and Healthy

Cold and flu season is just around the corner, and we’re all looking for ways to avoid catching those nasty viral germs. After all, no one likes to be down and out with a bug. And if we’ve learned anything these past two years, it’s how to take care of our health and well-being.

Here’s what you need to stay safe, healthy and happy this cold and flu season. Remember, if you have symptoms of COVID-19, please follow all local health recommendations including testing procedures.

Cold and Flu Season: Shopping for The Basics

Germs can’t always be avoided, but your risk of getting sick can be minimized with the right products and personal hygiene routines. Handwashing remains important, and both face masks and germ-busting sanitizers will play a role. Keeping some personal care and cleaning products in your backpack or purse is ideal for staying healthy. Here’s a list of the basics to get you started.

  • Personal sized Kleenex tissues in a convenient multipack (sneeze into the tissue, throw it out, and wash or sanitize your hands)

  • A small pack of disinfectant wipes for sanitizing your hands and surfaces use on-the-go

  • These awesome travel hand soap sheets, in case you come across a washroom that’s out of cleanser

  • Reusable cloth face masks (be sure to keep extras on hand at work or school)

  • A clear face shield if you feel the need for added protection (this does not replace a mask — instead, it should be worn over a mask as an additional layer of PPE)

  • Your own water bottle to avoid the use of shared fountains

  • A great travel mug for coffee or tea (one that can be tossed into a backpack with no leaks is ideal)

All these items can be packed into a backpack, purse or spacious computer bag. You may also want to keep a few of these items in your car, workspace or school locker.

Smart Solutions

Reusable snack bags are great for school lunches, but they’re also an awesome solution for all those face masks. Consider having one bag for clean masks and another for used masks that need to be washed or thrown away. We have excellent label solutions to help you clearly mark each bag — or, buy your reusable bags in two very different patterns. Here’s a large floral reusable bag, the same size in a modern black and white heart pattern or try these cute smaller bags (at roughly half the size of the other options, they’ll still hold a few cloth masks each).

While reusable cloth face masks are effective, comfortable and eco-friendly, it’s also smart to keep some single-use face masks on hand in case you, a friend or a colleague find yourself unexpectedly in need of a mask. Consider keeping a box in your car or workspace or packing a few clean single-use masks in a storage bag within your backpack. Better safe than sorry! This 50-pack of level three masks is a great option for adults, and these dino masks are ideal for kids.

And If You Do Catch A Cold or Flu? Get Some Relief.

No matter how hard we try, everyone ends up with a cold or flu at some point. Fortunately, Staples has everything you need for fast and easy symptom relief, including Halls Cough Drops and Extra Strength Tylenol. We’ve even got these handheld massage balls to relieve sore, aching muscles. Now rest up and feel better — you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

By Staples Canada

November 04, 2021