How to Start A New Hobby This Winter

Adult life is filled with responsibility, from going to work and paying those bills on time to household chores, cooking and other daily tasks. Parents in particular spend so much time focused on others—making sure their kids have what they need to succeed in school, driving them to and from extracurricular activities, taking care of their emotional needs and making time for fun. It’s no wonder many adults struggle to find time for themselves!

To be the best version of yourself you need to rest, relax and nurture your interests. Winter is the perfect time to slow down and start a new hobby, whether it’s making art, tackling another creative pursuit or doing something that moves your body. If you’re ready for some “me time” this winter, here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Artistic Endeavors

You don’t have to be a skilled artist to benefit from making art. There’s a reason art therapy exists—as it turns out making art can actually be good for your brain. It can lower stress, inspire creativity, improve focus and emotional well-being, and stimulate the reward centre in your brain, which makes you feel good.

Sketching is something anyone can try at home and it only requires some drawing paper and sketching pencils. This Hilroy Studio Pro Sketching Art Set is a great way to get started. Or, go with a coloured pencil set if you prefer to make something a little brighter. If sketching isn’t your thing, consider using some oil pastels or watercolours to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Acrylic paints are another excellent option and if you’re looking for something more tactile, modelling clay might be a good activity to try.

Calligraphy is another relaxing and enjoyable way to create something artistic in your downtime. Consider making greeting cards for friends or decorative signs for your home. This calligraphy pen set and some paper is all you’ll need (though there are more advanced materials available as you get into this art form) and there are plenty of free instructional videos on YouTube.

Make Some Music

Music is a universal form of art that speaks to so many people. If you’re interested in mixing songs or creating your own beats, consider using some software like the Sony Acid Music Studio 10. Making music may be a new hobby, but you’ll feel like a pro in no time.

Take A Shot

Photography is an incredible hobby because the possibilities are endless and all around you. You can take photos of landscapes, nature, scenes you’ve arranged, architecture, people—anything goes. It’s a great pastime that adds fun when you travel. If you’re in the market for a new camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T7 is an excellent model. Or, use your phone. The new Samsung S21 offers cinematic-level images that would wow any visual arts appreciator. You can get out there and experiment on your own or look into photography classes at your local college or art gallery.

Move More, Feel Good

Hobbies don’t have to be about making something—they’re anything that you enjoy doing, from reading to sports. If you’re looking for a hobby that moves your body and makes you feel good inside and out, consider this yoga set for beginners. Or, take up running with a fitness tracker or an Apple Watch and these Apple AirPods Pro.

Make Time to Chill Out

If even the suggestion of starting a new hobby makes you feel extra tired, we get it. In that case, curl up on the couch and enjoy some quiet time with a Nintendo Switch or other gaming system. Animal Crossing is as good a hobby as anything else, so put your feet up and enjoy it with zero guilt. It’s your time to relax, after all.

By Staples Canada

December 07, 2021