How to Optimize Your Web Store for Conversions

Anyone can create an online store. This is why there are an estimated 12 - 24 million eCommerce sites in existence across the entire globe.

This is also why “how do I drive ecommerce sales” is a popular query on Google. As a small business up against behemoth sellers like Amazon and competitive ad space online, simply having a web store won’t cut it.

Driving traffic to your website and, more importantly, turning those visitors into customers should be an ongoing priority. Here are some tips on where to start with driving more conversions.

Revisit the Navigation

Due to bandwidth and resources, you might not be able to make every desired change to your site all at once. You can, however, prioritize projects around perceived impact, measure their effect, and build on your efforts with small, incremental changes over time.

One such area to do this with is navigation. There are so many individual nuances to proper site navigation alone that can add to your conversions.

For example, you can add autocomplete to your website’s search functionality. This helps customers readily find what they’re looking for, while also displaying other items you sell.

Additionally, consider incorporating breadcrumbs as part of your product navigation. Doing so gives shoppers an easy way to bounce from one category to the next and revisit where they came from for more seamless browsing.

Display User-Generated Content (UGC)

One of the biggest hurdles in online shopping is knowing exactly what you’re going to get. Without the ability to physically see, touch, or try on items, there’s an added challenge placed on retailers to convey quality.

This is why you’ve spent time on product descriptions and quality images. Above and beyond that though, incorporating UGC into product pages can be a great way to further establish trust.

It’s even more meaningful for buyers to see products in use by real people. Think of it as one step up from the written reviews you might already be displaying across your site.

Generate Product Recommendations

A great way to not only drive conversions but repeat conversions is to display product recommendations at various stages of the buyer journey. Personalization is key for creating positive online shopping experiences.

You’ll often see recommendations surfaced on product pages or right before checkout. If you have an active email retargeting campaign running, you can also incorporate recommendations into your messaging.

Trigger Personalized Pop-Ups

As previously mentioned, personalization is your friend when optimizing your web store for conversions. Pop-ups, for example, can be overused and annoying if let loose without much thought.

Triggering pop-ups with page- and/or shopper-specific incentives, however, can prove more effective. For first-time visitors, consider pop-ups that display an introductory discount.

Create an Abandoned Cart Email Flow

Developing strategy around email segmentation is one small business growth hack worth taking to heart. One segment to consider are abandoned cart shoppers.

If you’ve led a visitor all the way to a cart, your site was doing the right things. The buyer has established a high level of interest and is worth nurturing.

Follow up on that almost-purchase with a discount to minimize potential hang-ups around cost. Alternatively, a gentle product reminder might be all someone needs to act at a later date.

By Staples Canada

January 04, 2021

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