How to Make the Most of an End-of-Year Reset

You know the times in life when you want something, obsess over it, and finally receive it only to realize it wasn’t actually what you needed? As a society, you could argue we’re collectively experiencing one of those moments right now.

Despite vaccinations and easing restrictions, “pandemic anxiety” is still at a high. The world is reopening but many aren’t sure if (or how) they can return to the pace and demands of a life they once knew.

As an entrepreneur, if you find yourself experiencing these feelings while also having to keep a business afloat, it can be overwhelming. You may even feel frustrated by a decrease in productivity, creativity, or [insert relevant symptom of burnout here].

Consider this your reminder to acknowledge those feelings, slow things down, and use what’s left of this year to reset. Because you can’t successfully help employees manage their stress today, tomorrow, and beyond if you’re not also helping yourself.

Spend Time Away from Business

When anxiety and stress are high, it’s natural to want to distract ourselves. We zone out in front of the TV, grab another holiday sweet out of the cookie jar, or bury ourselves in work.

These habits may feel necessary, but they run like clockwork in our subconscious and fail to address what’s actually going on below the surface. Is this to say you shouldn’t ever indulge? Of course not. Just check in with yourself and be realistic about what you need.

Use the end of the year to step away from your business. Spend time with family, spend time with friends, or rent a cabin in the wilderness and spend time with yourself. There’s no “right way” to take time off.

Include Employees in New Year Planning

As a leader, it’s easy to want to carry the weight of your stress and everyone else’s on your shoulders. In reality though, people are usually willing (and often happy to) lend a helping hand if you simply ask.

Instead of looking into the new year solo, bring your employees into the planning mix. Maybe you set aside a day before holiday vacations for open-ended brainstorming and conversation. Grab a whiteboard, bring some questions to the table, and order lunch for the team.

Give people the opportunity to build a business with you. In doing so, you’ll find them way more eager to dive into the new year, chase goals, and provide honest feedback down the road.

Read a Book or Learn Something New

If you can’t step away from the desire to be productive, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, the end of the year can be a great time to sift through that to-do list backlog and learn something new.

Play that business book you downloaded from Audible months ago. Or put a Staples Spotlight Event on your calendar to help you in developing a new skill (the Facebook Group is also a great space for networking and continued learning). Challenge yourself to try something new and it just might spark an idea or two that can help take your business to the next level.

No matter how you choose to spend the end of the year, make the time spent meaningful. And remember, you’re not alone in navigating what the new year will hold. Do what you can, and we’ll figure things out together.

By Staples Canada

December 16, 2021

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