How to Make an Easter Bunny Egg Game

There’s a whole lot to Easter besides chocolate — decorating Easter eggs, enjoying the arrival of spring with a walk outdoors, and crafting (then playing) this super fun Easter game.

What you need

Plain paper

Construction paper (optional)


Markers/Colouring Pencils/Crayons





Step One

Fold a piece of paper in half (plain paper that you can colour in later, or construction paper in any colour you want). Then draw the outline of the bunny on the paper and cut through the folded paper so you then have two bunnies. Draw the ears, mouth, eyes (if you have googly eyes you can use those), nose and whiskers on one of the bunnies you cut out.  

Step Two

Take a small square or rectangular piece of paper and roll it into a cone. The tape it to secure it and make sure it keeps its’ shape. Then tape it onto the back of the bunny you’ve put eyes on. Now, tape (using a rolled piece of tape to create “double-sided tape) the other bunny onto the other side of the cone so that the cone is sandwiched between the front and back of the bunny

Step Three

Draw the eggs! If you have construction paper, you can do this on construction paper. If not, you can do this on plain white paper and colour them in. Decorate them as you like. Get creative with the patterns, whether it’s zigzags, polka dots, stripes or anything you can dream up of! Now cut them out.

Bonus Step

If you want, you can also draw a background on a piece of paper to place your Easter eggs on, whether it is a garden, or a farm. Anything you like, really.


Lay your Easter eggs out, insert your straw into the cone and blow! That should launch your bunny into the eggs you’ve made. Your goal? Get the bunny to land on the eggs and “find" them all.

Want to play with your family? Make more bunnies so you can all play together and see who can “find" the most eggs!

By Clap Art Studio Toronto

April 07, 2020