How to Create an Inspiring Space for Your Employees

Let’s get real here for a moment. The headquarters of massive tech companies, buzzing with in-house baristas and millions of square feet worth of whimsical campus design, aren’t the norm.

For many businesses out there, simply having an office space free of weird-coloured carpeting and humming fluorescent lights is a win.

While you might not be hiring high-end architects a la Google and Amazon to reinvent the future of your workplace, you can still give weight to thoughtful design. And, better yet, create an environment that inspires employees to do their best work.

Simply Give Them Space

There’s a lot to be said for space in and of itself. We’re not talking about a tiny square cubicle in the back far left corner or a designated plot of desk space at a long table that extends the length of your open-concept floorplan.

Having the option to migrate across alternative workspaces that cater to both focus and collaboration throughout the day is great for sparking creative juices.

Compare it to the alternative—sitting in the same spot for hours on end—and the beauty of physical movement to propel figurative movement on a project makes sense. Change of scenery alone is enough to inspire.

Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture

Creating an inspiring space for employees could be synonymous with creating a versatile space for employees. You want to build environments that are versatile and easily adaptable to your team’s needs.

This is why filling an office with multi-purpose furniture is key. Consider a mobile stand that can function as both storage and table space. Or sectional couches that can be rearranged and separated for flexible seating.

Look for pieces on wheels that can be easily positioned and repositioned as needed. And if you’re working within small room constraints, save space by taking advantage of the underutilized—like a wall transformed into a whiteboard using a removable applique.

Embrace Colour

Even the most corporate of businesses can embrace color and still maintain their professional edge. You don’t have to dress in black and white exclusively to be taken seriously.

In fact, the colour of your office space can actually improve productivity. To help in inspiring your employees, opt for restful, calming colors like blues and greens.

The more at ease people feel at work, the more likely they are to settle into their own creative process. All of which inevitably fosters positive moods. It’s a never-ending cycle that feeds into itself.

Turn the Break Room Into a Social Lounge

Is a break room really a break room if no one ever uses it to take breaks? Think on that existential question for a minute.

It’s a waste of resources to create spaces for the sake of having them. You want them to be utilized, not left to serve as unintentional storage areas.

Instead of designing your standard break room, complete with basic kitchen amenities and a couple of tables with plastic seats, think outside the box. Approach the room as you would a social lounge—open and low-key.

Create seating spaces that make people want to linger and socialize with their peers. This sets the stage for unplanned brainstorms and collaboration around new and innovative ideas.

By Staples Canada

February 18, 2020