How Karl Conrad Uses Microsoft 365 to Run His Social Channels

As an online content creator, my day to day revolves around creating tech content for my primary social media channels. The content varies depending on the platform however the majority is either photo or video based. These file sizes range between 20MP per photo up to 30GB per video project.

My workflow for any given YouTube video involves recording 30 minutes of A-Roll (this is when I’m facing the camera) and 1 hour of B-Roll (product shots etc.). I typically have my camera plugged straight into my computer wh ich I use to monitor my video as well as saving directly to my personal cloud storage, Microsoft OneDrive. With my Microsoft 365 subscription I have access to 1 TB of cloud storage - It allows me to upload/save files on the cloud so that my team of editors can access remotely. Not only can my team make edits, but they can also access all of my content across all of our devices. Another great example goes for my Instagram content, photos are shot and saved via my SD card to my computer and then to OneDrive. I can then seamlessly access those photos through my iPad as I prefer to edit through Lightroom Mobile.

You can imagine being in the tech space, I typically receive 3-4 new devices every week to test and review (it literally feels like Christmas every day). These range across all brands of PCs, tablets and smartphones. Microsoft OneDrive is usually the first app I install so I can sync my devices, get the testing content I need on each device and ensure they are properly set up. It takes 10-15 minutes to fully sync up my devices which is the perfect time for a quick break to get my gaming fix. The rest of my day is spent coordinating with brands, responding to emails and engaging with my audience. It’s an extra bonus to utilize the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, and I use Outlook as my primary email base (honestly!).

As I move into my 6th year in social media, I’ve come to realize the importance of a streamlined workflow and having a robust file management system for my team. Being able to access all of my content across any of my devices has been the big game changer and you can probably tell the real MVP of my studio is Microsoft OneDrive. With a Microsoft 365 subscription, the cherry on top is 1 TB of cloud storage per person (Personal is for 1 person and Family is for up to 6 people). Even though a lot of you will probably get Microsoft 365 for that sole reason alone :P – hope you are all staying healthy and safe!

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About Karl Conrad

Karl Conrad is a lifestyle technology content creator based in Toronto. What started as a hobby, creating posts with a point and shoot camera with no knowledge in video production or editing, has grown into a thriving social media channel and global community with more than 750K followers. Karl has worked with the largest tech brands in the world, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Porsche, and Tesla. As he keeps updated on the latest lifestyle/consumer tech, he looks forward to witnessing the rapid evolution of sustainable and clean energy tech. Prior to his career as a tech influencer, he played professional soccer in the Netherlands for several years and has completed his Masters at the University of Toronto in Health Informatics.

By Karl Conrad

June 30, 2020